Twitter's AI-powered 'Trending' Tab Thinks Warriors Player Klay Thompson Went On Literal 'Brick Vandalism Spree' After Poor Shooting Performance Last Night

April 17th, 2024 - 11:35 AM EDT by Adam Downer

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Klay Thompson accused of brick vandalism

Last night, Twitter's AI-tool Grok made an egregious and hilarious error on the same night the Golden State Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson made multiple egregious and hilarious errors in the team's win-or-go-home game against the Sacramento Kings — 10 of them, in fact, as Thompson shot an appalling 0-10 and scored zero points in the Warriors' blowout loss.

As a result, Grok has inferred that Thompson is terrorizing the city of Sacramento with literal bricks.

Grok messes up Klay Thompson story

This is because, in the aftermath of Thompson's dreadful shooting performance, a copypasta spread on Twitter / X. It reads:

First off… I am ok.
My house was vandalized by bricks 🧱
After my hands stopped shaking, I managed to call the Sheriff…They were quick to respond🚨
My window was gone and the police asked if I knew who did it👮‍♂️
I said yes, it was Klay Thompson

The now-infamous "vandalized by bricks" copypasta

Apparently, tweets with the copypasta were posted in such a high volume that Grok intuited something was going on. However, it seems Grok could not recognize the joke behind the copypasta, nor understand that the term "brick" is basketball slang for a shot that hits the rim but does not go in.

Grok's error added to the tragicomedy of the Warriors performance last night for NBA fans. Alongside Steph Curry and Draymond Green, Thompson has been a Warrior throughout the team's late-2010s dynasty.

However, this season it seemed clear that age and injuries were catching up to the Splash Brother, and some around the league expect that he will leave the Warriors this offseason. Last night may have been his final game in the team's uniform, and in an elimination game, he had the worst game of his career.

As a result, a pocket of Warriors haters are celebrating the end of the "Big 3"-era Warriors and Thompson's apparent downfall with memes.

patrick star klay thompson

Despite numerous tweets and viral posts pointing out Grok's error, it continues to spread the misinformation that Klay Thompson, who may be fleeing San Francisco after last night's dreadful performance, is also being investigated by police for terrorizing Sacramento with bricks.

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