Ubisoft Is Pushing NFTs For New 'Assassin's Creed' Game For Some Reason

May 16th, 2023 - 4:27 PM EDT by Adam Downer

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With web3 quickly cycling through the collapse of crypto and the Metaverse before hopping onto the AI hype train, it's easy to forget the year or so when NFTs were all the rage.

Those days are largely behind us, as much of the world recognized the NFT space's propensity for scams, thievery and cartoonishness. However, at least one champion of NFTs has decided to continue working in the space: Ubisoft.

Gamers may remember that Ubisoft was one of the first major video game companies to dabble in the NFT space, but seemed unable to overcome the challenge of their venture being largely disliked and unused.

This makes last week's announcement that the company is producing Assassin's Creed through a company called Integral Reality Labs somewhat baffling.

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Integral Reality Labs states that it wants to blend the world of NFTs and the physical world (hence their name being an acronym of "IRL"). What this means for Assassin's Creed fans and potential buyers is that they will be able to purchase a little figurine of the series' protagonist Ezio in a plastic cube. Then, you can download an app to activate Cube Ezio's "digital soul," and he will then go on a "journey" to "complete achievements and level up your account to earn and unlock items, recipes, and loot boxes."

Considering the general exhaustion with NFTs most have experienced, particularly in the video game space, the news was not met enthusiastically. The venture has been mocked on websites including Kotaku, PC Gamer, and Destructoid.

There are, however, multiple Twitter accounts eager to tell you "Assassin’s creed video game series has sold no less than 200 million copies worldwide. Teaming up with integral reality labs, ubisoft will be creating an nft collection centered around its popular action series."

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