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"To make a meme is to give the essence of people's thoughts life. To make one's emotions become a template for others, to make that which is not easily spoken a language. However, memeation is a tricky art; be too pushy and it will gain no traction, spread too quickly and it will dissipate. a meme takes time, care and outside action in order to truly blossom…but even then it will only last a short time. Few meme's can ever fight back the tide of time, and will become complacent memory to those who remember it.

Could today's children rebirth the Harlem Shake? No, for it has already happened and become a whisper in the wind. Which is why becoming a memelord (From the Latin Memerus Lordran, or 'Dank King') is such a simple task, for to make a meme is to make time itself, to make a small portion of world's history stamped in your mark. From the understanding of "What makes memeatic", to the finer points of celebrity use, this book, the advanced course in Dr Don Von Rarepepe's "The Science Of Memes" series, will allow you dear reader to understand what it is that makes a simple image of Jon Travolta looking around confused into a internet wide phenomenon.

Please, join us…there's no Rickroll's here."

- Opening Passage from 'How To Become A Memelord In Less Than 20 Minutes' by Dr Don Von Rarepepe, written by Pyrous Genova


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