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That's not all, Newton was a co-developer (along with Liebniz) of calculus.

The development of calculus allowed two questions that had been plaguing philosophers since the greeks:

The first was since average speed is change in position over change in time, what happens if change in time goes to zero?

By figuring out instantaneous velocity, newton discovered there was still motion in stopped time

The second was that if an arrow has to travel half the distance to a target, and then half the remaining distance again, and again (1/2+1/4+1/8…), how can the arrow make it to the target? This question is called Zeno's Paradox and is the basis for the Green Baby's ability.

Dio's whole convoluted part 6 plan is based on astronomical observations and derived from a wide variety of theological texts, which is in line with Newton as he developed a relatively complete model of gravity, but he was also a crazy alchemist mystic with an obsession with religious texts.

There is no doubt in my mind that Araki based Dio off Newton. I'm glad I'm not the first person to notice.


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