Gaming - N----- like big t---- bitches

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They say, showing a picture of a character from a series with "soft-porn" heroes, many of whom have ridiculously large muscles… Oh, but wait, that's male power fantasy, so it doesn't count… cough

Though this kind of bitching happens often, at the very least it doesn't gain much traction most of the time.

Fact of the matter is, why should anyone care? If the character is sexy, it hurts no one. What matters is that they're also interesting, both to watch or to play as. If all any game, movie, flipbook, whathaveyou had to it was chicks with large tits, then very few people would care and it'd typically fall to the wayside.

It doesn't set women's rights back a decade, it doesn't bring Ragnarok any closer to happening, and the heat death of the universe is still on its way. It doesn't matter. Shut up.


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