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To further develop upon that point:

Castlevania is a long-established franchise known as a good-quality videogame. It needs very little in the way of reveal trailers to get people hyped, as well as less explanations about what it is about, since fans already know adn they are the target audience. The exact same applies to the Smash Bros. trailer and, to a lesser degree, Death Stranding trailer, since the developer is the very known creator of a very know and quality game before he was fired.

High Guardian Spice, on the other hand, is a completely new product – you have to sell the idea to as many people as possible, as you have no brand advantage or established fanbase. Steven Universe was on the same position at first, and as it were, the marketing for it varied by country, being good in some and terrible in others, so people were confused about what it was about, which is why it had a slow start, but people gave it a try because there was no reason to suspect any negative things about it, either.

So yes, there is the "drop-off", as called here. They gave more reasons to be wary of giving the new product a chance instead of the benefit of doubt people gave to Steven Universe and similar shows.


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