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Mistress Fortune
Mistress Fortune

Learning the real reason why Dominoes retired the Noid is pretty messed up. A paranoid schizophrenic man whose last name just so happened to be "Noid" held up a Dominoes in Atlanta, Georgia because he thought the ads were some kind of attack directed at him. He was arrested but wasn't jailed on account of insanity, years later the guy ended up killing himself. Ever since the infamous hold up Dominoes opted to no longer use the character out of worries the Noid would start to become associated with the incident, and I can only assume when the man behind said incident later killed himself they figured it was better to just continue no longer acknowledging the existence of their former "mascot."


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There's also the fact that the Noid was made specifically to advertise Dominoes' "30 minutes or it's free" policy, which they retired after it ended up causing countless injuries, traffic violations, and even an actual death from reckless driving (as employees actually wouldn't get paid if they took more than half an hour to get to their destination).


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