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Shapiro was interviewed by someone at the BBC and got butthurt when the tactics he uses at town halls on college campuses didnt work against the guy who was interviewing him because the interviewer was intelligent and did his research.

my favorite personal exchange that happened after the interviewer asked him a hard question regarding the georgia abortion laws

Shapiro: "Are you an objective journalist or an opinion journalist?"

Interviewer: "Im a journalist who asks questions"

I mean, the interviewer was not being unfair to the guy with most of his questions, he was just asking hard questions and not backing down. He nailed Ben to the pole a couple of times regarding calling Obama's 2012 State of the union address "fascist" and suggesting that any Jews who voted Obama were not really jews.

Ben couldn't handle it and resorted to the "i dont even know your name" comments before running away and essentially got dunked on.


It's almost as if the internet-dwelling manchildren of the alt-right get curbstomped if they actually have to face actual adults the real world rather than mock easy targets online and it completely blindsides them. Such as how Sargon also made himself a laughingstock lately when he couldn't just excuse away his line-crossing remarks as harmless jokes and slip away consequence-free once up against real politicians.

Schadenfreude at its finest.


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