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The difference is that Arin somehow managed the holy grail of failure: people love him BECAUSE he's an idiot with no self-awareness, knowledge, competence… anything. They watch Game Grumps and go 'ohohoho, Arin you adorable blistering incompetent'.

So when somebody says 'Could you maybe show some form of value?' The fans all jump in ready to say 'NO YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND WE LOVE HIM BECAUSE HE DOESN'T DO THAT!'

He's like Homer Simpson as a real person. Every so often a Frank Grimes shows up saying 'EXCUSE ME BUT WHAT THE FUCK' and as a result suffers.


It's funny how Arin got defended for shitting on people he used to be friends with, and when Oney called out on his bullshit, Oney got called a bully instead. Fucking hilarious how the internet works.


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