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Coppy is an animated copy machine office assistant character introduced on Tumblr as an April Fool's Day joke in 2015, parodying the Microsoft Office Assistant mascot Clippy. The cartoon was well received by Tumblr users, many of whom created Coppy-themed fan arts and lamented the character's removal from the site the follow day.


On April 1st, 2015, Tumblr[1] unveiled the "Executive Suite 2016 Productivity Edition" 1990's-themed gag office software, which featured an animated assistant named Coppy (shown below).

On Tumblr dashboards, the animated character would cycle through various bizarre and humorous messages directed at the user, including "I hope to feel a butt someday" (shown below, left).

I hope I get to feel a butt someday. A human has to lubricate my insides so that paper doesn't get stuck in me. Is that what being thirsty is like? Maybe? Sometimes I have trouble remembering things.


The same day, Mashable[6] published an article about the April Fool's Day prank, highlighting an animated GIF of Coppy (shown below). Meanwhile on Tumblr, the HelloIamCoppy[3] and Coppy666[4] blogs were launched, featuring photoshopped images and animated GIFs of the April Fool's Day character. At midnight, Coppy was removed from the site, leading user Sowamemeski[9] to posted a fan art image of Coppy ascending to heaven, which garnered upwards of 24,000 notes in the next 48 hours (shown below, right).

On April 2nd, Tumblr[5] user CheerAndCosplay posted a series of Coppy screenshots in memory of the parody office assistant, gathering more than 1,200 notes in the first 24 hours (shown below). Additionally, Tumblr announced that an official Coppy T-shirt had been added to the Tumblr merch store[8] (shown below, right).

Where l Send My Fictional Boyfriends To Die I hope I get to feel a butt someday Here is a spooky sound: The soundYou may now issue a howling jazz of a human soul trapped inside of anoise from your human body copy machine. Please do so now You have me, though! I'm Coppy! Am I not enough for you? experience thirst. I'm just a copy machine. Can you tell me how it feels to be thirsty? It's too late. You've hurt me. It's not that

The same day, BuzzFeed[2] published a compilation of notable jokes and fan arts dedicated to the copy machine character. Also on April 2nd, Redditor Strangsler submitted screenshots of several Tumblr posts complaining about Coppy to the /r/TumblrInAction[7] subreddit (shown below).

IACCIDENTALLY CLICKED THE TUMBLR THING AND I'M HAVING ANXIETY FROM IT THIS ISN'T OKAY HOW DOI GET RID OF ALL OF IT PLEASE HELP how do you make tumblr changes go away? also when will they stop doing s--- like this it's not funny it's tedious at best c'mon #PLEASE #F--- YOU STAFF #APRIL FOOLS #ableism umbir #april fools day #tumblr april fools Please, please don't forget that not everyone reacts the same way to pranks Anxiety can be triggered by simple things, like a fake link aWow I don't trust links or buttons don't even celebrate april fools. #1hanks staff 1 note I have nothing against april fools but changes like the one tumblr did today really stresses me out (like any other change tumblr does without warnings) is scared to leave house bc April fools #oh god #April tools #1m just not gonna make eye contact w/ anyone #and not spe Mumblr staff #anxiety #somy but I really hate changes I'm always glad to be of helpl Coppy: Tumblr's experiment to see how many people they can trigger at once. F------ assholes! staff #coppy #april fools

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