Vivian James - When Journalists Keep Blaming all their Problems on Gamergate Boogiemen Years Later

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Sunsoft Bass
Sunsoft Bass

Again: GamerGate ended, but it was victorious and it proved it was right.

- It proved that even if you ignore all politics, videogame journalism is worthless, they don't play videogames very much and are terrible at them, their articles and reviews are not trustworthy.

- It showed that this wave of progressivism, political correctness and outrage culture, is just like those people claiming violent videogames were turning people into murderers and games like Doom and Pokémon were satanic.

- Years passed, and many of the people who were against GamerGate were found as sex offenders, rapists and even pedophiles, and the girl who started all of this led her ex-boyfriend to suicide.


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