WE WUZ KINGS - We Was Bathers and Moors too! White people didn't know how to wash they feet n' shiet

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Welcome To The Jungle!!
Where We Niggas Wuz Kangz
We Had Civilization, Still The White Man Took It Away
We Were The People Who Could FLY~
In Pyramids Space N' Shieeed
Power Of The Highest Status
Put The Nose Back On The Sphinx!
In The Jungle!
Welcome To The Jungle!
Back When We Wuz
Woah! Yeah!
It's Not Just Make Believe!
WelcomeTo The Jungle!
We Had Philosophy
Your Ancestors Were Still In Caves
When We Had Electricity!
And You Lost If You Believe
In Archeologyyyy
Those White Devils Dug Up Rameses
And Stole His Ethnicity!
In The Jungle
WelcomeTo The Jungle


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