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It was supposedly posted by a Japanese user with help from Western Twitter accounts.

I actually saw this a few days ago and almost posted it myself… but something struck me as odd about it and decided against it. The allegued narrative is that the Japanese user in question posted this with "help" from Western users for translations and such, but the thing is, this looks less translated from Japanese and more translated from English. That would make this less "A very important post from a Japanese Twitter user" and more "A very important post from Western Twitter users posted by a Japanese Twitter user", a subtle yet important difference.

Not only that, but the user himself is also suspicious. Not only is none of his usual activity in Japanese and his location is set to the US, but also, almost all of his Twitter activity is political, exactly as you would imagine it to be based on this post, too. Not exactly the most neutral voice if this is supposedly about "artistic freedom" and nothing else.


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