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Excitebot theLEGO
Excitebot theLEGO

This take is so astronomically bad.
I can't say much for Star Trek (though I do know about Cpt. Kirk making a passionate speech on Spock's humanity, + he lives in the next movie) But There was a lot of significance for Han – who initially wanted nothing to do with this entire thing in the first movie – to let down his own life in exchange for the safety of his friends. Not to mention, it was an effective demonstration of what they were about to do to Luke. Young Skywalker was lucky to get away with only losing his hand when dealing with Vader's trap.

I didn't like what they did to Han in movie 7. Especially considering he wasn't really getting to do much all throughout. Seriously, the most noteworthy thing I remember out of Han in that movie? Getting an effective divorce with Leia. offscreen

Though that death did lead to Chewie doing the most BAD@$$ thing he ever did, and set-up/ detonate all those bombs in a traumatic rage.


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