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Kotaku is making me side with Nintendo when it comes to emulation. That is quite the accomplishment.

It's not even like they're only advocating for pirating Dread, but also the rest of the Metroid series. Not all of those games are as widely available as they should be, but at least have the decency to tell people that they can play Metroid and Super Metroid on their Nintendo Switch Online accounts, and that the 3DS has those games, Metroid II, and Samus Returns!

If you were hoping Nintendo was going to eventually ease up on their treatment of emulation, then this is terrible news. I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo went after the emulators' creators now.

So yeah, time to blacklist Kotaku.


in reply to MIMU

I second that notion.
However, this is a brand new game, it was released only like a day ago, and you know how Nintendo gets with piracy, this is bad news for Yuzu and any other people trying to figure out emulation for the Switch.
Emulation and piracy are very touchy subjects in general but my rule of thumb is: if the game is still available in it's original form or in the form of a remaster or re-release and it can be played with hardware that is easy to obtain at the moment, then, why are you emulating it? I think emulation should be reserved for games that can no longer be obtained through normal means or that are very difficult to get through such means, (insert joke about Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance here) Emulating new games like this one so early into it's existance is (imo) kinda petty, and yes, it unfortunaly can count as piracy, specially since we are talking about Nintendo.
I don't care about people who pirate games or those who emulate them (specially since it would be hypocritical of me, since I've done both in my younger years) but when you are actively saying "look how this people who managed to crack this new game can play it on emulators" specially if we are talking about Nintendo, then you are asking for hate.
Kotaku is dumb and this is bound to make Switch emulation harder in the future, let's hope games like this don't become as valuable as real jewelry because of them.


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