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24 Views Created about a year ago By Reddit Moments • Updated about a year ago

Created By Reddit Moments • Updated about a year ago

"Unpopular"opinions r/unpopularopinion u/ScradleyGymson - 2y 5 21 18 21 04 10 17 r/unpopularopinion starter pack r/unpopularopinion u/Dek2292 - 2y 15 2 2 1 I am sick to death of hearing about the United States of America, I couldnt care any less about that country. 911 43 Ⓒ23 38 28 期 11 06 0 I highly respect millennials that walk out of jobs or any inconvenience in life r/unpopularopinion u/[deleted] • 1y 11 333 231 17 29 2 Join r/unpopularopinion u/cmrizzle - 2y 98 11 It should be illegal for a company to list an entry level job as requiring 3-5 years experience, the very definition of an entry level job is no experience needed Join 12 Ⓒ Join 84 2 02 Men's mental health is a joke to everyone and it's really disheartening as a mom to two boys. E Join Actual unpopular opinions r/unpopularopinion u/AllMightyimagination - 300d Join Stop wearing skinny jeans, men Y'all suffocating your legs with these pants. I'm already skinny, so having T.I.G.H.T fabric wrap around my legs like a snake makes me feel uncomfortable as f---. For the majority of us men, skinny jeans and other skinny clothes look ridiculous. Yes they allow you easy access to show off your figure compared to something a bit looser but at the same time you end up looking like a toy, doll model... 31 Share Award
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