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Purely aesthetic RGB stuff doesn't interest me, it's a waste of electricity that I could be using for peripherals and other components that serve an actual practical function.

Now, if it was say, RGB lights beneath transparent keys with the colors of the lights set to distinguish different areas of the keyboard in order to make it easier to type without having to glance down as much, I'd see the appeal of that.

If the RGB lights were set to move along a spectrum of colors as a rough indicator of CPU/GPU temperature, I could see the appeal of that with it serving as a rough estimate of the temperature without having to divert your full attention towards a dedicated, more precise temperature gauge for a brief second.

If they blinked or flickered in a way that corresponded directly to some important aspect of my PC's functioning like Hard Drive usage, Ram usage, CPU usage, I could see the appeal behind it, but in it's current state, it's nothing more than practically worthless bling that only serves to show off that you have more money and watts to waste than the average joe.


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