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427 Views Created 11 months ago By sakshi • Updated 11 months ago

Created By sakshi • Updated 11 months ago

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Mutahar @OrdinaryGamers · Jul 28 Just a shame garbage like this fills the recommended tab. Bub Films @FilmsBub Jul 28 lemmino spends months researching, scripting, and editing a video just for react streamers to reupload the entire thing and provide zero input 858 4,548 26 1:53:36 xQc @xQc The Kennedy Assassination | xQc Reacts to LEMMINO 301K views 3 days ago xQc #xQc #jfk #conspiracy. New 118.9K xQc @xQc • Jul 29 I wonder what triggers people like you so much. Revenue share? Audience split, algorithm? I've heard this complaint a million times and most "public figures" try to attack it from multiple angles, just to fall flat on their face. I'm watching a vid I like to my people. That's it 1,430 1 794 15.9K 11.3M Ryannn @OneOfTheRyans Jul 29 im a fan of the reacts videos but i feel its extremely unfair, the original video's provider needs to get a portion of the income from your reacts videos, a 50/50 or more for him 17 22 7,248 : 12.2M ₁950.7K : : They can claim the whole f------ thing and they do a lot of times. I swear you guys just make s--- up for the hell of it. My stuff gets re-uploaded for the "YouTube frogs" that miss the stream. Get me contradictory analytics, or facts. Anything else is zzzzzz 6:49 AM Jul 29, 2023 2.3M Views


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