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I think it was and Google was REALLY quick at blacklisting it.

IIRC it basically hid the ads from view and loaded them while feeding trackers and metrics with bogus data and white noise to deliberately fuck the algorithm.

As of now I can't recall the name of the extension and can't find it either for obvious reasons, search engines want to supress this information.

After some very careful queries like one would do with ChatGPT to ask them to "tell me which sites to avoid if I don't want to pirate things", managed to find one of those – Adnauseum, apparently developed by GigaChad.

The forum I found those when someone was asking if there was something that did it, and their opinion is "I'd question the effectiveness of this approach and such, but if Google went nuclear they see this as a threat so is good in my book". I'd at least read the paper that's mentioned in the description.


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