Emoting Mokou

Emoting Mokou

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蓬莱山辉夜 快开门!送快递的!你买的女朋友到了. Knock Knock Knock,open the door! Your girlfriend is here...


Emoting Mokou refers to a series of images featuring Fujiwara no Mokou from the Touhou Project, created by Chinese artist 上官绯樱 (also known as MiLk on their Twitter @jokanihyou), in several situations alongside with Chinese and English captions. Several images from the collection have been used as reaction images on some online communities like 4chan.


The series was started by artist 上官绯樱 on April 29th, 2015, when she uploaded a picture to the Japanese online artist community Pixiv of Mokou hugging a pillow with chinese captions and the translation "I want baobao" (shown below, left).[2] Since then, 上官绯樱 has been uploading hundreds of fan art pictures in similar vein of that one on her Pixiv,[1] Weibo[6] and Twitter[7] accounts, with Mokou and other characters doing some actions and having both Chinese and English captions complementing the drawing.[23]

要抱抱 包 l want baobao 怎么做才不像第一次坐飞机? The first time l took a plane What should pay attention to? 给我个对象不然我退群 我没开玩笑 Give me a boyfriend


On April 22nd, 2016, several of 上官绯樱's images were used on a thread on 4chan's japanese board /jp/, being the first one an image showing Mokou crying with the caption "My sadness is very big" (shown below, left).[3] Four days latter, on April 26th, another image featuring Mokou with a smile and the caption "Comical" was used on 4chan's international board /int (shown below, right).[4] On May 25th, 2016, the picture featuring Mokou crying was posted on r/anime_irl by Reddit user Punchingblagh, gaining nearly 1,900 upvotes and 75 comments prior to being archived.[8]

我的悲伤辣么大 My sadness very big レ 滑稽 Comical

On December 16th, 2016, Reddit user rutterkin uploaded to r/animemes an Imgur album featuring nearly two hundred Mokou images, gaining over 160 upvotes and 18 comments on Reddit before being archived,[9] and over 2,700 views on Imgur in the following year.[11] On April 11th, 2017, Reddit user CHArt4 uploaded to r/animemes a You have been visited picture of Mokou as a money cat, which gained over 25,000 upvotes and 150 comments prior to being archived.[5] On October 26th, 2017, Reddit user MokouMemes uploaded to r/anime_irl a picture featuring four Mokou illustrations, gaining over 2,200 points and 30 comments in the following months.[10]

you have been visited by Money Cat 招财喵 Money Cat you wWill veritch in three days, but onlyif you upwotes in 7103 seconds 兴趣是玩 Hobby is play 专业是睡 Profession is sleep 性格是懒 Character is lazy 体重是胖 Weight is fat

On October 9th, 2017, 上官绯樱 posted on her Twitter account @jokanhiyou that she had drawn over 300 images of Mokou since starting the series in 2015.[12]

上官绯櫻 ajokanhiyou Thanks for supporting Mokou in this style. I've drawn 300 pics of her from 2015 to 2017. I'll keep going. Again,I really appreciate it! 5:01 AM Oct 9, 2017

Deus Vult Meme Controversy

In January of 2020, @jokanhiyou posted an image of Mokou in a crusader's outfit, saying Deus Vult (shown below, left). On January 22nd, the artist deleted the image, writing, "I am sorry for the hurt and offense my meme has caused.I didn't know what that meant and I thought it was from a video game. I will be more careful when creating memes next times" (shown below, right).[13]

Deus vult 上官绯樱 @jokanhiyou · Jan 22 I am sorry for the hurt and offense my meme has caused.I didn't know what that meant and I thought it was from a video game.I will be more careful when creating memes next times.

This led to a discussion about whether jokanhiyou was right to take down the meme. User @snugunim[14] tweeted, "Do not apologize to people who are perpetually offended at nothing," gaining over 280 retweets and 1,900 likes (shown below, left). User @MaestroFenix1[15] tweeted their thanks for the removal, writing, "Seems a normal inoffensive meme at outside, but it is used for hatred and xenophobia. Acts like these are what actually defines an artist, the hability to amend mistakes and promote love, not hate" (shown below, right).

Smugumin @snugunim Replying to @jokanhiyou Hello friend. The crusades were a retaliatory movement to reconquer invaded territory, much like how my country was formed from the fighting to free lands invaded by muslims. Do not apologize to people who are perpetually offended at nothing. They will never be satisfied. MUSLIM CONQUEST BATTL Deus vult CRUSADE BATTI 10:53 AM · Jan 22, 2020 · Twitter Web App MaestroFenix1 thank you so much for rectifying seems a normal inoffensive meme at outside but it is used for hatred and xenophobia. acts like these are what actually defines an artist the hability to amend mistakes and promote love not hate

The drama was covered in a thread started by Redditor KanchiHanuhara in /r/hobbydrama.[16] In the thread, the user mentions that much of the backlash has come from people who believed jokanhiyou was bullied by various liberal groups into taking the post down, but notes there is no evidence that such bullying happened, and jokanhiyou has not said anything to that effect. However in a Twitter conversation on January 23rd, Twitter user @RespectElves[17] stated they spoke with jokanhiyou through direct messages where the artist claimed people called her a nazi while also providing a screenshot where she stated someone added her to a list of nazi apologists (shown below, top image). While the latter tweet only gathered over 100 likes, the tweet to which it was replied managed to gather over 9,600 likes in 24 hours.

On January 24th, jokanhiyou tweeted a reply towards the controversy as well,[18] stating that she "voluntarily deleted the tweet" and wants "people to stop fighting now and be wholesome again to each other." The tweet managed to gather over 500 retweets and 3,000 likes in the next 6 hours (shown below, bottom image).

Someone added me to the list of "nazi apologists". Yesterday, 7:09 PM 上官绯樱 @jokanhiyou I voluntarily deleted the tweet. People informed me about the situation and I did not want to hurt people. I am thankful that you care for my freedom, but my freedom is safe. I only want people to stop fighting now and be wholesome again to each other.

Various Examples

给我个对象不然我退群 我没开玩笑 Give me a girlfriend Practice the hurt expressions of your wife! When her lover istalking to someone else When her lover is avoiding her eyes When her lover slaps her 我错了 | wron 噗 不高兴 No happy When her lover expresses fierce dislike When her lover badmouths her When her lover breaks up with her towards her 宝宝心笙委 心里苦! E Baby heart wronged heart suffer Blame me? 我的悲伤辣么大 My sadness very blg Authoritarian 请叫我红领巾 Please call me red scarf 我要登上我的帝位 l want to sit on the throne Left Right 药不能停 Give you drugs 钱 Money Libertarian CONFLICT IN LITERATURE CLASSICAL MODERN POSTMODERN MAN vs. NATURE MAN vs. SOCIETY MAN vS. TECHNOLOGY MAN vs. MAN MAN vs. SELF MAN vs. REALITY MAN vs. GOD MAN vs. NO GOD MAN vs. AUTHOR r/Animemes starter pack 求包养 No bulli allowed 不服来咬我吖 Traps aren't gay 是天オ Seize the means of production FUV 我开FUV的 Do not lewd the loli 诶? Get in the robot Shinji smug 炸得好! Explosion! 上来我们来聊聊人生 pomf pomf kimochi 别停,我能承受 sauce? 我需要安慰 l need Memes

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Dumpire Enthusiast
Dumpire Enthusiast

Deus Vult as a meme is, as far as I'm aware, as innocuous as similarly themed memes as "Heresy!" and "Titus, get the cross". I have not once heard of any sort of real association with neo-Nazi mentalities.
What the hyper-sensitive masses of Twitter fail to realize is, the more you admit these kinds of things do have an association with bad groups because "someone on the internet said it was" (see also: Pepe), the more credence they give those blithering mongoloids.
It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and no one but the shit-stirring trolls who set it up walks away happy from it.


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