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60 Views Created about a month ago By Philipp • Updated about a month ago

Created By Philipp • Updated about a month ago

SUSPECT Laserdefend sa lil bonele GavinGame 321 ForestSurvivor101 SUSPECT C 0011 MALICIOUS MACHINES The aimbots are programmed to join casual servers en-masse, insta-killing and kicking innocent players, intent on ruining their in-game experience. This behavior is where most of the community's resentment stems from, however, many are unaware that the problem goes far beyond simply trolling and cheating. The bot hosters are malicious actors, using their aimbots as a vessel to endlessly attack and harass community members. They abuse the in-game text and voice chats to spread the most vile hate speech imaginable, while simultaneously advertising their "bot immunity services" in an attempt to scam the players desperately looking for a solution. They've used these same means to dox people's personal information and broadcast it to the player-base against their will. Bot hosters have even gone so far as to commit actual crimes, such as using Al voice-modifiers to impersonate and slander non-consenting parties, launching persistent DDoS attacks, and have even swatted one of their most ardent critics. There should be a zero-tolerance policy relating to this kind of conduct, and Valve needs to be held accountable for persistently refusing to acknowledge it.
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