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I guess the downside would be being forced to watch a horribly contrived show with terrible acting and unfunny jokes based entirely on ham-fistedly trying to make being a “nerd” trendy.

But yea…


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Well, there's points we agree on. Nobody likes laugh tracks. NOBODY. I don't know why they use them. I laugh when I want to and I laugh plenty during "Big Bang Theory" on my own power.

Humor is COMPLETELY interpreted by the eye of the beholder. I actually find the use of memes and pop-culture to be endearing and commendable. It's especially funny when I actually get the joke.

I see nothing wrong, whatsoever, with being a large ham/hamming it up in shows. At last check, they aren't supposed to be marketing deep, intensively engaging plots.

Sometimes, I interpret a lot of opposition to things like these as being hipsters. Nerds have always seemed to lament the abuse and maltreatment of them in days gone by, and when the Mainstream/"The Man"/"corporate suits" finally accepts what was once put down, these same people that see themselves as "nerds" are mad that people are using it in a more positive manner?

The main reason my family loves "Big Bang Theory" is because they think I am "Sheldon-lite". The connection and jokes our family has and remembers from my actual life is one of the reasons they laugh so much.

There are scores of friends and family that have that same mindset on this show. Everyone is bizarrely "touched" by its interpretations of OCD because they have seen it in real life.

Despite what may be said, the "stereotypes" are extremely accurate. While it does not apply to all "nerds", they are the last people that should whine.


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