Will You Press The Button?

Will You Press The Button?

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Will You Press the Button?[1] is a single serving site which presents a hypothetical scenario with a potentially undesirable stipulation to each visitor, who must then decide whether to accept or reject the given offer. In May 2019, memes referencing the site gained significant popularity on Reddit.


The site launched on June 16th, 2013, followed the release of a free Android app[2] on July 3rd. As of October 2013, a Facebook fan page[3] for the site has accrued more than 7,100 likes.

WillYouPress TheButton?.com I will not! You become a rich famous billionare hut Everywhere you go you see a faint nicholas cage in the distance just staring at you and noone else can see him


While big red buttons used to activate a powerful force have been a trope[5] in pop culture for decades, the idea of using one of them to make a decision with both positive and negative effects dates back to a 1970s short story by Richard Matheson titled "Button, Button." In the story, a couple receives a locked box with a button that, when pressed, will give them $50,000 but also cause someone that they didn't know to die. The story has since been readapted twice, first in a March 1986 episode of The Twilight Zone[6] (shown below, left) and second for the 2009 film The Box[7] (shown below, right)

Online Presence

Threads dedicated to hypothetical situations being solved by pushing a red button have appeared on 4chan since as early as June 2010[8] (shown below, left). This type of activity is also reminiscent of β€œWould You Rather?” threads, which became popular on 4chan in 2011 in discussions of the Fairview Fairview Goat Tower.

STRIKE A-LAWS Anonymous Thu Jun 17 2010 23:43:18 No.5221891 View Reply Original Report You wake up in a white room by a ROB, he gives you a switch that will for some reason change the mental mindset of the creators of AU gundam, shifting from pretty boys to being mostly Bishoujo series, with men only getting to pilot grunt suits while the series becomes something straight out of a Champion Red manga. Will you press the button? Same applies for Kamen Rider (Female riders all teh rage, male riders reduced to 555 kB, 1024x768, 1238465221442.jpg View Same Google iqdb SauceNAO

As early as June 23rd, screenshots from Will You Press the Button have been shared on 4chan, specifically on /vg/[9] (Video Game Generals) and /vp/[10] (Pokemon). By July 25th, additional screenshots also began to surface on FunnyJunk[11], with another posted to Reddit[12] two days later. On September 8th, the subreddits /r/WillYouPressTheButton[13] and /r/WYPTB[14] were created. Throughout September, additional screenshots from the site were posted on DamnLOL[15], WeKnowMemes[16] and Tumblr under the tags #Will You Press The Button?[17], #Will You Press The Button[18], #Press The Button[19] and #WYPTB,[20] as well as discussions about the user-submitted scenarios on several message boards, including Multiplayer Game Hacking[21], the Drum and Bass Forum[22] and Jiggmin.[23]

2019 Revival

On February 27th, 2019, Reddit user lilmigger posted a What Did It Cost? version of the meme which gained over 64,700 upvotes in one week and had been reposted multiple times in the following months.[24]

WillYouPress TheButton?.com I will not but You understand memes without text You lose everything

In the following days, more memes based on the format, often containing meta humor, were posted to Reddit, including notable posts to /r/dankmemes,[25] /r/animemes[26] and /r/dank_meme[27] subreddits. In April 2019, a format with an added panel showing Isekai Quartet character Megumin gained popularity in /r/animemes subreddit.[28]

WillYouPress The Button?.com URoryyb I will not! You will understand the but You los everything meme,without the meme Small Gree 6ip Bis PurPIe Gu7 WillYouPressThe Button?.com I will not! You understand memes but You lose everything without text MIDNY I will not! but You get a N Word Pass Everyone you love dies What did it Cost? Everything my n----

In mid-May 2019, the format gained significant popularity on Reddit, primarily in /r/dankmemes subreddit, following a popular post submitted by Redditor Comonster on 14th, 2019 (shown below, left).[29] At that time, multiple posts based on the format, often combined with other memes, were posted to the /r/dankmemes and other subreddits (examples shown below).

WillYouPressTheButton?.com I will not! You can eat anything you butNick Cage will sit down with you at every meal. He won't talk, just make a variety of facial desire and will always be in great health. expressions l see this as an absolute win! WILL YOU PRESS THE BUTTON? Shrek becomes you have to marry him but real WILL YOU PRESS THE BUTTON? Fortnite and buzzfeed are destroyed you go blind but for a year

Notable Examples

I will not! You can look in the future. but No one will believe you. WillYouPressTheButton?.com I will not! World peace is achievedEvery position of power in the world is replaced with a woman I will not! All of your friends and but amily would achieve their hopes and dreams You would die
Will YouPressTheButton?.com I will not! Everyone on the internet but You're the sole exception has impeccable qrammar, spelling, etc WillYouPressTheButton?.com I will not! All memes die, and instead people actually tell jokes on the internet. but All of those jokes are puns WillYouPressTheButton?.com I will not! Become a goat whenever you want, live in the goat tower, and the goats tell you the tower's mystical secrets iut You can never eat an Olive Garden breadstick again


On June 28th, 2013, 12 days after the site had launched, the site reached its first milestone of one million interactions, and by September 11th, that number had grown to 10 million. As of October 2013, out of more than 26 million answers provided by the visitors, the button has been pressed nearly 11 million times and avoided more than 15 million times, while nearly 30,000 questions have been submitted by visitors with roughly 1/6 of them in active rotation. The site has an Alexa[4] rank of 18,626 in the United States and 116,307 globally.

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