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File: lpng (59 KB, 411x280) BREAKING NEWS Anonymous 08/13/14(Wed)20:34:00 No.33885 A GLOBAL HEALTH EMERGENCY American with Ebola:3933892854 I am growing stronger EBOLA SECRETLY GIVES WHITE PEOPLE SUPER HUMAN POWERS In his first publie statemeut since contracting Ebola, Dr. Kent Branthy said Friday that be is "growing tronger ecy day. Brantly is one of two Americas infected with Ebola being treated in Atlants. FULL STORY WE MUST STOP THE JEW AND SPREAD EBOLA BEFORE ITS TOOI >> | Anonymous 08/13/14(Wed)20:36:13 No.33885950 >>3388834 some one needs to edit it so he has glowing eyes ·CDC boss: we can stop Ebola. Gn . what to know . Our tears >>D Anonymous 08/13/14(Wed)20:37:30 №33885976 33885899 (OP) Underrated thread □ Anonymous 08/13/14(Wed)22:12:09 No.33888598 File: 1352347344584.ipg (33 KB, 600x424) da uber aryans awake A GLOBAL HEALTH EMERGENCY American with Ebola: A GLOBAL S. s 'I am growing stronger' !、American with Ebola: I am growing stronger In his first public statement since contracting Ebola, Dr. Kent Brantly said Friday that he is "growing stronger every day." Brantly is one of two Americans infected with Ebola being treated in Atlanta. FULL STORY We are witnessing the birth of a supervillairn Anonymous 08/14/14(TI >33891649 THANK YOU EBOLA- One of the two Americans being treated for the Ebola virus in the US said he is "growing stronger every day" in a letter released on Friday "I am growing stronger every day, our blood sacrifice has unleashed the power Of the old gods, kneel before me for I am unstopable "Dr Kent Brantly wrote from within the core of the black obelisk he has erected in Atlanta, where he has been gestating to achieve his true form since beginning his ascension. Brantly was the first named Ebola victim to be treated in the US, and is one of two American charity workers infected. The other, Nancy Writebol, has developed telekenetic powers and the ability to shapeshift into a griffon.
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I Am Growing Stronger



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