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>be me
>playing Rome Total War
>Supposed to defend a city
>Get my army and my general
>Enemy fucks us hard
>Everyone dies, except the general
>Even all the bodyguards died, what the fuck
>Lead on a suicide mission
>Have the general charge into the enemies and then run back
>General kills people with the initial charge, keeps killing people with subsequent charges
>Enemy is retreating
>Successfuly defend city

Wily Weavile
Wily Weavile

in reply to arzion50000

>be me
>playing Medieval 2 Total War
>Pope calls crusade on Jerusalem.
>Send best general
>Best general kills all the infidels and is named THE CRUSADER
>Gets one turn to recover in captured Jerusalem
>6 full stack Mongol hordes appear and lays siege
>Enter battle hopelessly, watch everyone die.
>Mongols settle down in Jerusalem
>Pope allies with Mongols


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