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Three months later, all was lost. No place on Earth was safe from the Disease; spread over the Internet by means of the Meme Machine, everybody soon contracted MemeAIDS.

The symptoms were subtle, initially. A few slips of the tongue, like saying "such wow" instead of just saying "woah". Or describing a rock band as "edgy" instead of the common "ground-breaking vocal and harmonic combination that describes the darkness of one's soul".

But soon, nobody could deny the harsh reality. Now, the only way the infected populace could communicate was in the tongue LOLCats or Doge; those that had stronger wills could just barely string coherent sentences together. But all that came out of their mouths were phrases like "Are you a wizard?", "True Story, Bro", and "Don is Love, Memes are Life".

Up on his Darknet fortress, Don gazed down at the world he had enslaved to his will and smiled. A single breath was drawn, and a single phrase uttered. It was the phrase that would describe the entire situation to all of his subjects and their descendants for years to come. It was short, but it would be more than enough:


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