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"In order to catch a meme, you must think like a meme."


Don "Advice Animals" McHashtags, also referred to as "Based Don" by the Cult of Caldwell, is an enigmatic internet-based entity who scours the deepest and darkest dankest parts of cyberspace, feeding upon social media and Google images in a relentless bid to satisfy his eternal thirst for web culture. Don's meme documentation abilities are legendary; rumor has it that he is capable of transforming a handful of tweets and a news article from an irrelevant publication into a full-fledged meme in a matter of minutes.

You merely adopted the memes. Don was born in it. Molded by it. Fear him.


It is said that Don was created in the year 42069 on the standard Gregorian calendar, referred to henceforth as 0 A.D. (After Don). Humanity had been devastated in an intergalactic war between federations attempting to resolve the issue of who had the best memes. Internet scientist Jamie Dubs sat in his lab, trying in vain to create the world's dankest and most potent meme weapon as part of a project codenamed D.O.N., so that his homeworld would be victorious. But suddenly, the experiment went horribly wrong, and all of the memetic energy fused together into a single being. The sheer amount of power present resulted in the creation of an intelligent life-form capable of time travel.

Looking around and becoming aware of the damage that memes had done to humanity, the newly formed Don realized that fate had brought him to life for a purpose: he would travel to the year 2008 and begin documenting and dissecting every meme he could find for the next forty thousand years, in the hope that there would be enough memes to quench humanity's thirst, preventing a war over meme resources in the distant future. Thus, Know Your Meme was born.


Soon after creating KYM, Don decided to recruit a loyal group of people who would assist him in his quest to discover every meme in existence. Referred to as "moderators", these individuals sold their souls to him in exchange for being given a portion of his memetic prowess. As a result, they were reduced to naught but automatons, cursed to feel nothing but an urge to document internet phenomena until the end of days.

Soon, netizens began to immigrate to Know Your Meme, enticed by Don's offerings of dank memes such as "le ron paul face" and "epic meme frog". It was around this time that KYM forged an alliance with /r/AdviceAnimals: the subreddit would provide KYM with content, in exchange for Don turning every single image there into a meme. This worked flawlessly for a while, but the userbase of KYM eventually grew tired and wary of the unending stream of Advice Animals. Don responded by directing his attention towards Twitter; for the next six months, every entry on the site was based around hashtags.


  • Don is the leader of the Meme Team, which includes James (the godly brother of Don), Brad (Le Editor), Ari (The Mayor) and the entire KYM IRC universe. They fight for justice, peace, and make terrible and forced hilariously epic memes together.
  • He has an obsession with tentacles, most likely due to him constantly watching hentai. He tattoos a tentacle on himself for every meme he creates.
  • He is a transmemetic memeosexual, and uses meme/memeself pronouns.
  • Don developed cancer from becoming a meme, and has become a cyborg. Half man, half meme, half machine; a MemeMachine, if you will.
  • He defeated Lil B in a gruelling round of meme-to-meme combat, earning him the title of 'Based'.
  • Having full control over the power of Deadpool, Don is able to bring memes in and out of existence at will.
  • On April 1st, 2015, Don unleashed all of his pent-up meme energy at once, transforming everyone on the site into clones of him. Never forget.

You've Just Been Memed On

The phrase "You've just been memed on" is a complex Hebrew curse that dooms a man's soul to hell for all eternity. It was invented by resident KYM Canadian, Captain Blubber on the IRC. Don made this his catchphrase after a sexual encounter with Blubber. He says it at least 40 times a day. He has a large painting in his apartment that has the phrase written on it. Ever since he started saying "You've just been memed on" it became a meme itself. People were buying shirts of it, wristbands, hats, action figures, dildos, etc. It became so popular, Don asked someone to shove its origin into this entry.

In 2014, Know Your Meme user CocoaCannon, an ISIS member, nazi and anti-meme terrorist, made public his attack against the memes. Offended by this and fueled by pure patriotism the meme team quickly proceeded to defend the memes at all cost until Don himself memed on the user. He was never seen again. He is suspected to be in Pakistan, causing mischief and hooliganism.

As a matter of fact, you are being memed on in this exact moment. You see, Don is such a powerful memer that he has created a constant flow of memes, thus constantly memeing on every living organism simultaneously at a rapid rate. Human beings have become so conditioned to being memed on, most don't feel it. Cancer and autism are the side effects of being memed on too hard. The scientists on Meme Mountain have worked on fixing this for years and years, to no avail. The power of memes is simply too strong.

Obligatory Notable Examples Section

LET'S GET READY TOMEME Jesus CHRIST How controversial MeoM

The Creation of /don/

Professional site memer and Don cultist Lil B decided to make an image board for Based Don himself. It took blood, sweat and tears to forge the perfect board for Don. It took 7 years, and over 11 thousand memers died in the building of the board. After its creation it was flooded with activity and became the #1 board on 8chan. Hotwheels himself came to Don's house and had an interview with him. After that, the board died and no one used it. Though it may be dead, it will live on forever in our hearts. RIP in piece /don/.

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