Twitter / X - Age of ultron has dialogue making fun of testosterone infused violence then proceeded to revel in testosterone infused violence for 2 hours

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Black Graphic T
Black Graphic T

"toxic hegemonic masculinity"

Glad to see he's still throwing random buzzwords at a wall and seeing which ones sound scary.

Hegemonic I assume is to be a hegemon, the head of a hegemony, a socio-political idea of a single country being a dominant power over other independent countries. And masculinity is pretty much a meaningless word meant to scare people, since "being a man" ranges from doing an insane action stunt to admitting you watch a show about pastel ponies learning friendship. It's just another phrase used as filler.

So in other words, Age of Ultron is popular, and shows people behaving a certain way, therefore I hate it and its dangerous to this other idea I want promoted instead.


in reply to Platus

Well, I mean…you're not wrong.

He's mocked due to a reputation he's created for himself. It's happened to a number of people.

This page is indeed dedicated to things he says that many people find stupid, or things by other people that are similar to his speaking style.

So, you're welcome to disagree on the context of the meme entirely, but you're not really going to get far by saying his words have a point when they are words the entire meme is based around, if that makes sense. It would need some elaboration.

People make fun of him because he is just really not credible at all, and more or less just repeats the same rhetoric. He doesn't elaborate any of his points, he just uses the words as if they explain everything, when most people wouldn't know how those words relate to anything. Finally, his history and current actions gives some impression he is, or is working with, a scam artist.


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