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How do your non-internet-savy friends view memes?

Last posted Jul 08, 2011 at 12:33PM EDT. Added Jul 05, 2011 at 07:54PM EDT
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I have to explain everything too any of my friends when it comes to Memes. The only one I think they really remember was Rebeca Black’s Friday. Sad part, one of them thought the song was good. I was ready to slap him.

My parents on the other hand have gotten good footing when it comes to Memes, surprisingly. Troll Face, U MAD, and O RLY are common terms in my household.

Suiseiseki     wrote:

General response: “What’s a meemee?”

Exactly what my Mom said when she first read “KnowYourMeme”.

I compare it to genes and it all makes sense to them, especially on pronunciation.
Half the people I know now think the internet has DNA, but it got my point across.

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I usually try and compare them first to genes, then to memes outside of the Internet, like I (heart) NY. That’s if we’re actually talking about memes. More often, my job gets simplified to “I make pictures about funny things on the Internet.”

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Most of my friends have a general grasp on memes and can name a few, 2 of my friends have a good understanding and could name 15-20, and I have a friend with photographic memory who looked at this site’s meme database once and pretty much knows most of the information on 50+ memes.
My mom kind of has a grasp on what a meme is now that I have explained it several times but she doesn’t give a damn about them or really much else technology related, after all, I live in a family where get togethers revolve around football games so my nerdiness is shunned by all but my sister who is just indifferent towards it.

I don’t have any friends, or at least people I’d put up with long enough to call a friend.

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I’m pretty sure my friends’ knowledge of memes doesn’t escape stuff posted on Tumblr. I’ve heard them use Forever Alone, U Jelly, and U Mad IRL a bunch. Also, Epic and Fail, words I’m getting I’m starting to get sick of.

Well….. I was thinking if my teachers knows about memes. But on one Friday my writing teacher started singing “we we we so excited”…….

And that’s when our teacher suddenly turned awesome.

And what’s even more awesome is that our school has listening tests for 7th grade. when it’s his turn to record, he read the whole thing and started singing “Never Gonna Give You Up” afterward. Unfortunately I was too old to be in 7th grade(someone else told me after the whole thing), but I think no one in our school knows about rickrolling……and the fact that he just rickrolled 400 or so students.

^ That reminds me of how my friends’ English teacher had the cover for LOST the game on his window and how he constantly (unbeknownst to the majority of his students) used internet and video game references in his teachings. He also came to school dressed as Sonic one day for no apparent reason. He sounded pretty cool, but my English teacher constantly trolled the class with me because everyone in it was ridiculously stupid, so she made my time in the idiot section of school a little brighter. She also had several demotivational posters hidden around the room and revealed to me that she actually hates teenagers and I was one of the only three students she didn’t hate severely. Seh was a pretty cool guy.

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All my friends know what memes are, I just put the name meme to it and they’ll be like, “Oh the internet jokes we laugh at has a name?”

>None of my friends know about memes
>One starts planking for no reason and puts it on Facebook
>Everybody starts planking
>"Its just cool now. I mean, its like the new thing!"

However, my Chinese teacher’s pretty cool about it. He called one of the kids in my class a troll, and I remember when someone got points off on a test, he just said “U MAD?” and gave a dumb-looking grin.

friends over at my house while i’m on KYM
Friend1: [Looks at screen] … Know your Mimi? What are you on?
Me: It’s know your meme. It’s a website that researches and documents memes.
Friend2: What’s a meme?
Me: It’s like viral internet phenomena that spreads due to humor or interest.
blank stare
Me: … Internet jokes?
Friend2: Like what?
Me: Have you ever seen a rage comic?
blank stare
Me: Umm, trollface?
Friend2: Oh, yeah, i’ve seen that.
Me: How about Epic Fail?
Both: Yeah.
Me: That kind of stuff.
Friend1: … Sounds boring.

Fortunately, my mom knows what lolcats are, so that’s good

Forest Gibson wrote:

This is what several girls in my group of friends thought memes were.

Also, have you ever tried explaining what a “meme” is to someone older than 60?

Older than 60?

^70 years old. Just sayin’.

They don’t know their memes, but several co-workers of mine will offer “How about no” at just about every request someone makes.

Most of my friends are pretty internet-savvy.
My dad however, is not. He doesn’t even know what Rickrolling is, despite the fact I’ve told him twice.

I generally try not to stand out… :|

Friend 1: “Dude, did you see this Nyan Cat App? It’s soo awesome XD”
Friend 2: “What’s Nyan Cat?”
Friend 1: “It’s, like, the biggest meme right now!”
Friend 3: “You know, like internet phenomena on places like 4chan. You know what 4chan is, right?!”
Me: “You guys are all losers.”

And that is how you hide your power level.

Although I am on summer break right now, when I was in school last year, the group of people I hung out with were the collective of all the highest GPAs in the school and it just so happened we all liked anime, memes, manga or a mix between them, so we all had a bubble to spout our nonsense in, and we were never bothered by anyone. That is made sure of because as nerdy as we are, 1/3 of us had/have death stares. I haven’t been picked on seriously since kindergarten, apparently the kid who was picking on me transferred to another school because he was so scared to come back after the threat I gave him (which landed me a detention and call home). Ever since then, irl dunces learn quickly that I don’t take well to disturbances.
  moral of the story:
I get to be as nerdy as I want irl because others aren’t going to bother me about it. I am much meaner irl than online.
  moral of the moral of the story:
I don’t hide my power level.

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@(Not) PwNeDoScAr Touché. However, even Dawkins was surprised about the scope that the term “meme” has grown and flourished online. He is also an exception to the rule in terms of average 70 year old person.

@Alex I don’t want to give anything away… but you just gave me a great idea. Stay tuned.

@Nintendork64 Yea, Rickrolling doesn’t have the same effect if the person doesn’t “get it”

In both my life, my last job and my current job, I have been immersed in internet culture. It sometimes comes as a culture shock to me when I talk to normal people or “normies” as I like to call them, who don’t know about memes, or internet culture in general. Logically I understand how people who don’t spend all of their time online would miss out on these things, but it is still weird to think people have no idea what is happening in the web-toobs.

My problem with non-savvy people isn’t so much the memes, but the urban legends. The first online community I was involved in in the web era was’s urban legends discussion board. Now I don’t expect people to know every urban legend there is out there, but when you feel like you need an auto-responder to certain people that says, “Did you look this up on before you sent me the message FW:FW:FW:FW:FW:FW:FW:BARACK OBAMA IS BIN LADEN’S LOVE-CHILD?” it can get very frustrating.

one of my friends the most casual net user you will find in american youth….thought i needed to be more social and found it sad i spend enough time on the net to even mention memes….once we were playing madlibs,im sure you all know that game,and she asked for a noun so i said memes…and she was like use a real word…i was like umm it IS a real word…and she was like well me and the others dont know what that means…so pick a different word please…And when i mentioned net culture or and ask questions like “you know who Chris Crocker is?” “Do you know the site ?Icanhazacheezburger?” “Do you know the phrase over 9000?” ect ect and she is like always know and is like ash you kow i dont spend that much time on the net…blah blah blah blah not everyone lives on the net like you blah blah blah like almost defensive….and the only think she does is talk on FB to talk to RL friends and SOMETIMEs go on youtube to watch music vids thats about it….

What really annoys me is when people on FB, like my sister who is on for hours some times, use memes and clearly have no idea what they mean or where they came from. Then I troll them with other memes, and they don’t get it. It’s like seriously, WTF? You’re on that computer almost as much as me and you don’t know what a meme is? Or even trolling?
And that is why I now hate FB and almost everyone who uses it.

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