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Hatoful Boyfriend General

Last posted Mar 22, 2012 at 09:02AM EDT. Added Feb 22, 2012 at 08:09PM EST
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Ryouta is the best so far, although I’m wondering how many characters they’re going to introduce.

I mean, the progression of learning about characters seems really forced and rushed so far, but I suppose the big thing with this game is all the routes possible, so they want you to have a lot of choice.

I just hope the writing style slows down a bit in the later acts in the game because it seems really really rushed in Act 1 so far.

Olivia Gulin wrote:

Amazing. I just found out that the pigeon I fell in love with … WAS ACTUALLY A GHOST. No exciting screenshots. Just heartbreak. After I bought him some beans for legumentine’s day!!!!

The plot twists in this game > M. Night Shyamalan

Chris wrote:

The plot twists in this game > M. Night Shyamalan

Dontcha know it. (YUUUUUUYAAAAAAA, etc.)

I am currently early on in the course of the final path, the Bad Boys’ Love (“Hurtful Boyfriend”) storyline, and I totally whimped out of my last play session/have been putting off coming back to it because of [spoilers], even though I know exactly what’s supposed to happen YET I STILL DREAD ALL OF IT.

FFFFFFFFFFF pigeons, this should not happen.
This game. You start saying “WHAT.” and end asking “WHY??”

Creator is an evil genius. Actually, I’m not sure what the state of her mind is; then again, this game has left me not knowing the state of my mind, or really anything anymore.

…Yep, evil genius.

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