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Last posted Mar 10, 2012 at 11:54PM EST. Added Feb 27, 2012 at 01:12PM EST
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I just woke up from another dream. I only remember bits and pieces of it, but whatever.

There was a car with only 2 wheels that could house 2 passengers, and was used by the government for escorting certain targets “without suspicion.” I don’t know, if I saw one of those monstrosities on the road, I’d be pretty suspicious.

So then I went to some house that was claimed to be owned by Elvis at one point, and there was a pool in the back that emanated a strange mist. Supposedly, just after getting the pool installed, the woods behind the house spontaneously flooded, turning into wetlands.


Brucker wrote:

Hey! Long time no see! I’m guessing from your dream that you’ve been busy the last few months watching tentacle gore porn rather than visiting KYM?

Many, many times. While I thought Inception was a very interesting movie, it wasn’t because of the concept of dreams within dreams, which I considered commonplace.

Nope, haven’t touched that kind of indecency. Though I have been getting into a lot of HP Lovecraft and many body horror films. Take that what you will.
Edit: Also been on a creepypasta binge since last summer.

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I’ve had dreams where I’ve been into places in Holland that I’ve never been to before. One time it was a place that was highly developed and yet it was in a more remote location. There were businesses that we didn’t have before in the city like a “On the Border”.

I have some interesting recurring themes in my dreams.

1. Disneyland – Many, many times, especially when I was younger, I had dreamed about going to Disneyland. However, while these dreams vary widely, two things are always true. First, Disneyland in my dreams never looks anything like the real-life Disneyland. (In one dream, it wasn’t even an amusement park, but a nightclub.) Second, I’ve never had a dream in which I went to Disneyland that was not a disturbing nightmare.

2. Malfunctioning elevators – Elevators seem to be symbolic of anxiety in many of my dreams. Most dreams I have that involve elevators will have said elevators malfunction in some way. They will stop between floors, not go all the way to the top floor of a building, refuse to stop at my floor, or somehow manage to stop at floors that don’t really exist. Frequently in such dreams, I will find myself needing to get from the bottom to the top of a large building or vice-versa, and subsequently find that the only way to do so is to scale the elevator shaft.

3. Driving – This particular dream feature stopped happening to me once I actually learned how to drive, but happened a lot in dreams when I was a kid. A situation would present itself in which I needed to drive somewhere. I don’t know how to drive, but since I must, I make an attempt. One of two things will happen: I will get behind the wheel and drive with a feeling of absolute terror, certain that something horrible will happen, but everything turns out fine. Or, I will get behind the wheel with complete confidence, and quickly after starting to drive become involved in a serious accident.

4. Graduation – Oddly enough, I didn’t have any nightmares about graduating from high school before I did in real life, but a few months after I had graduated, I had various dreams in which it was graduation day and something was going wrong that was hindering me from being able to graduate.

5. “Movie dreams” – One of my favorite aspects of the way I tend to dream is that I often have dreams that are very long, have a large cast of characters, and a fairly coherent plot. I call these “movie dreams” because in structure, they resemble a feature film. The really cool part? Almost all of these dreams have a soundtrack, and about a third of the time, the dream will actually end with a credits roll, and I won’t wake up until I see the MPAA logo.

I was just walking through a town, but it was mostly in black and white. There was some kind of massive beast rolling through the streets. My mother was rushing me to the car. We got inside as fast as we could and she floored it, getting it going as fast as it would go. This beast rolled down the intersection behind us, stopped, and starting rolling towards us. I looked forward, saw what looked like salt flats, then looked back at it, and it was only a few feet away, unrolled and pouncing at us.

I woke up screaming and thrashing with my bedsheets absolutely drenched in sweat.

In another dream – it took place in the same town – I was again walking and many other people were walking as well. Suddenly, some large craft slowly drifted over us, and an incredibly loud, incredibly deep "HOOHHMMMMMMM sound played, I think from the craft, and all of the people around me suddenly dropped to the ground and began to decay and rot incredibly quickly. I ran away, and the craft stayed where it was, tentacles growing out of it towards the ground, most likely to the corpses.

The town in both of these wasn’t entirely normal. All of the structures were connected side-by-side. No alleyways, only streets and sidewalks. The houses all had rounded tops and small square windows that opened by sliding upwards. All of the windows were tinted from the outside as well. When I went to a hypnotherapist many years after these dreams took place (as well as other dreams taking place in this town) to try to deal with my anxiety disorder, I told her about these dreams and learned that many of her patients and patients of other people have had dreams that took place in this town.

Is there anyone else here that has dreams of this strange town?


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