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Dungeons and Dragons (plus other tabletop RPGs) General: Because the DM is the last boss

Last posted Aug 11, 2012 at 05:02PM EDT. Added Aug 08, 2012 at 08:44PM EDT
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I figured since we were getting together for a D&D match today, it would be in our best interests to become organized. Here is where we can get together to form groups, campaigns, and all of that with the various tools on the net. We can discuss mechanics, character concepts, etc. here, as well, to get a better grasp on the game.

Useful Links:
Official page
A 3.5 System Reference Document
Quickstart Rules for 4e
A site with a dedicated chatroom and virtual table for D&D games</a?
A Play-by-Post website
The 4e Wiki
An easy-to-edit and view Character Sheet for 4e
I’ll withhold linking to /tg/, but it exists and could be useful for locating games and finding players. Same for the reddits dedicated to various RPGs.

So, post to your hearts content, contribute your ideas, add onto the helpful links, and plan games for you and other players. This isn’t just confined to D&D. Feel free to discuss Shadowrun, Call of Cthulhu, and the plethora of other games out there.

As a note for the group the gather together today on the roll20 room I had going, we need to be more organized. I suggest that we group up at 4PM CST for a character creation session and maybe a practice dungeon. I’d also like a role call so I can determine the size of the party in order to make encounters difficult to some degree without being slaughterhouses.

I actually want to try this out, so I’ll try to get a grasp of the rules.

EDIT: What edition are we going to be playing with?

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Alright, I’m going to write up a comprehensive guide to creating a character with the character sheet we’re using for 4e, which can be found here. If I ignore a feature, it’s more than likely we aren’t going to be using it. If you think I might be wrong, tell me, and I’ll change it.

Your character’s name is determined by you, and can be pretty much whatever, doesn’t really matter to me. Your player name is, of course, your forum name or the name for roll20 or whatever. Most characters will start at level 1, so that will not change until you get farther into the game. Class, as usual, determines your skills and all of that, a list of which can be found here. Paragon Path, Epic Destiny, and Total XP should be ignored for now. Beyond class, your race also determines skills and features, a list of which can be found here. Size is determined by your race, usually Small or Medium for player races. Age, Gender, Height, and Weight have no effect on gameplay, and are to your discretion to choose. Alignment is a major factor of your character, determining reactions from NPCs, general actions towards others, class choice, etc. Deity is the god you worship, and can influence some things in the game. Affiliation is a guild, group, or other similar community you are a part of which you can decide now or later. For the practice campaign, just make one up.

Initiative will be determined in the game by rolling a d20 and adding Dexterity.

Ability Scores are determined by rolling four six-sided dice, then dropping the lowest number. Do that a total of six times, then assign the resulting numbers to the abilities of your choice. As an example, I roll a 4+4+4+4 on my first roll, resulting in a 12 as I drop the lowest number, a four. After rolling for each attribute, I find 12 is my highest roll, being an unlucky bastard, so I assign it to Strength as my class benefits from it. Your Mod(ifier) is determined by taking the value of the ability, subtracting ten from it, and dividing it by two. So, for my Strength modifier, it would look like (15-10)/2=2, since you always round down in D&D. The modifier is used most of the time for your ability, a big exception being how you determine your health based on Constitution.

Your Max HP is determined by the Base HP of your class added to your Constitution score. This determines your starting HP, as well as your HP in the future. You are considered ‘Bloodied’ when your health reaches half of your max. Some abilities rely on the Bloodied status.

Healing Surges can be consumed by healing spells to heal others, or by yourself to heal yourself. The value of your Surge is basically 1/4 of your Max HP. The amount of Surges you can use is based upon your class and your Constitution modifier.

The Misc area is mostly temporary effects we will keep track of in the game. Ignore it, for now.

Skills can be trained once to gain +5 to them, and receive bonuses from your Race or Class, as well as being increased by some Feats. However, you cannot train skills your class cannot use. Refer to the page for your class for further info. Place the value of any training or bonuses into the Score box besides the skill, ignoring the rest. The other boxes are used for Skill Checks, which we will handle in the game.

Armor is determined mostly by the gear you start out with, which will depend on your class. We’ll go through it in the game before starting out.

AC is short for Armor Class, which is based up your chance to dodge, block, or shrug off an enemy attack. Your first offensive roll in combat is an attack roll to bypass an enemy’s armor, the second being a damage roll to actually hurt the enemy.

Fort(itude), Ref(lex), and Will(power) are determined by your level, some attribute modifiers, and any bonuses you receive from your class or race. For now, just add your bonuses from your class or race to the Score box.

Action Points are gained in the field from reaching a milestone (two encounters without using an extended rest), and after taking an extended rest (which also wipes all previous action points). You also start the dungeon with a single action point. Ignore the box for now, as we’ll keep track of AP in the game.

Race features are some of the skills your race has. These include various Origins, as well as moves such as Elven Weapon Proficiency (for elves). Include any your race has here.

Class features are all we need from Class / Path / Destiny Features for the moment. Similar to race features, they are skills your class has, such as armor/weapon proficiency, Weapon Talents, etc. They can be found on your classes page on the Wiki.

Languages Known is determined by your race. Everybody starts with Common, some races have another, and other races can select a bonus Language.

Movement is determined by your race, and can be found on its page. It is modified by your class, armor penalties, obstacles, terrain, and other effects.

Attack is based off many skills, abilities, and your current weapon/spell. It will be determined before we begin based on your gear.

Feats is a list of the various skills your character has. Many are gained from a certain class or race, and you gain more with each new level. Feats are generally your characters capabilities, such as being proficient with a bow, or something similar. There is a list on the wiki that covers most, if not all, of the feats we will use.

At-Will Powers, Encounter Powers, Daily Powers, and Utility Powers are abilities, similar to spells, your characters. The three groups have limitations on the number of times they can be used and where they can be used, depending on the group, along with effects. Things like Elven Accuracy are Encounter Powers, for example.

Magic Items are extraordinary loot you find through your adventures with various effects. You can wear multiple magic items for their various effects to receive different benefits. However, many magic weapons have prerequisites, and some have negative effects.

Other Equipment covers important items outside of weapons or armor, like bedrolls, tents, flint and tinder, or books.

Rituals are powerful spells with very long cast times that can have massive effects. They are generally permanent, such as summoning a familiar. A list an be found here. Some classes may start with rituals.

Coins and Other Wealth covers your character’s currency.

Characteristics are personal fluff pertaining to RP for your character. Fill them to your discretion.

Companions are, essentially, the people in your party. Once we get together, list the other members of the group there, as well as any NPCs who join the part temporarily.

Other Notes is for… other notes.

RocketPropelledPanda wrote:

So is this over already? I would love to try and play.

We haven’t been organized enough, really. When I tried to set a time, only a few people showed up, and most of them were late.

We need to find a good time for everybody to meet up so we can all play together. Or at least enough of us to form a sizable party.

Explosive Lasers AKA Solaire AKA Sexiest wrote:

We haven’t been organized enough, really. When I tried to set a time, only a few people showed up, and most of them were late.

We need to find a good time for everybody to meet up so we can all play together. Or at least enough of us to form a sizable party.

I am available at any time.

You are my bro Solaire.

Praise that motherfucking sun!

Explosive Lasers AKA Solaire AKA Sexiest wrote:

We haven’t been organized enough, really. When I tried to set a time, only a few people showed up, and most of them were late.

We need to find a good time for everybody to meet up so we can all play together. Or at least enough of us to form a sizable party.

Okay then, where can I make my character for the time being?

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