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Bee Movie

Last posted Mar 21, 2013 at 06:15AM EDT. Added Mar 17, 2013 at 03:25PM EDT
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I apologize for the lack of a thorough post, but there has been a lot of Bee Movie on Tumblr recently, and I think this might go from a trend to a full fledged meme. Although the movie came out nearly 6 years ago, there has been a sudden surge of interest in it

True, Bee Movie has suddenly received a massive rise of content on Tumblr.

But it might be better to wait a bit first to see how long this stays, considering how there are already small hate campaigns against it. To call something a meme or a fandom are two different things. Bee Movie seems more like a fandom based on the posts, which makes it a subculture entry should we make one. We ask a bit more from subcultures than just meme entries.

Should it stay and spawn its own original (possible memetic) content, then sure, make an entry for it.

This is going to be like the sudden interest in Shrek, huh?
What’s Tumblr doing over there?!
Ah, well. Like Adam said, it could be Doug Walkers Dreamworks-uary that might have gotten attention. Hell if I know.

Last edited Mar 19, 2013 at 07:26PM EDT

Well, this is actually something I didn’t expect to become a thing on tumblr, or anywhere on the internet for that matter. I would have to chalk this sudden popularity up to Doug Walker’s positive Dreamworks-uary review that happened about a month ago, but that also brings up the question as to why people picked Bee Movie to latch on to instead of any other Dreamworks movie that didn’t get much attention to it until Doug Walker reviewed it. Why did people suddenly like this one? Was it Jerry Seinfeld? I watched the movie myself, and I thought it was funny enough but nothing I’d make a fandom over. I’m rambling now.

If we do make a page for this, it should be under subculture, because this seems to be more about the fandom than the movie itself. Give this a wait for now though, this might be a thing that dies out by next week.

Last edited Mar 19, 2013 at 10:35PM EDT

I just hope it goes away. This movie’s message was pushed on you so hard it was oppressive. Ferngully was more subtle in its environmental moral. Even aside from that forced preaching it was really just awful. Absolutely awful.

I’m sort of surprised by the sudden interest in this. I really didn’t care for this movie.

I felt the ultimate message was pretty bad as well. Basically something along the lines of “don’t ever open your mouth if you see something you disagree with. Just go with the herd”.


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