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"Flat is Justice" Anime Meme/Trope? Trying to find more info

Last posted Sep 01, 2013 at 11:01AM EDT. Added Aug 26, 2013 at 12:49AM EDT
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I seem to be noticing this more on certain anime facebook groups and the like where a pettanko (flat-chested female) character is shown with the tagline “Flat is Justice” often used as a rebuttal towards a more well endowed female. The meaning seems fairly clear and seems to be a rallying call for Loli style character fandom, but I’ve been unable to uncover an origin for this meme.

There also seems to be a sub-related meme where “Justice” (flat-chested girls) are pitted vs. “Plot” (busty girls)

If anyone could shed more light on this I would be grateful :-)

Rimshot wrote:

I tryed to contrubute. Name a facebook meme.

Red Equal Sign was started on, and was most recognizable, as a Facebook thing. I guess you could say that it doesn’t count since the entry says it’s an event, but it sure spread as the definition of a meme describes.

Rimshot wrote:

I tryed to contrubute. Name a facebook meme.

Your move. Let’s start by giving arguments why Facebook can’t generate memetic content. People thought the same about 9gag, yet those gave us If You Know What I Mean, so you can go ahead and try.

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