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MLP hate thread.

Last posted May 31, 2011 at 10:37PM EDT. Added May 30, 2011 at 05:19PM EDT
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MLP is a rip off of the orignal, which was always better.

Its funny because your all have no friends, so yu can’t tell if friend ship is golden, top that!

Drpepperfan #1 Fan Of Osaka wrote:

Is that Cupcakes? It’s Cupcakes isn;t it?


Well yes. I really love that story. The whole thing about such cute and innocent characters killing and mutilating just makes me feel happy inside.

And no, I am not trolling or hating on bronies, I genuinely like the story.

Last edited May 30, 2011 at 05:36PM EDT

Drpepperfan #1 Fan Of Osaka wrote:


Besides, isn’t this, like, the 3rd version of these threads we’ve had?

I think we might have had one before, making this the 2nd to 5th one I’ve created, but I am pretty sure there is only two, but that was awhile ago. Unless your counting MLP as a whole in which case, yeah its everywhere.

P0wnz0r The Noob wrote:

How mature of you for downvoting my post just because I said I liked “Cupcakes”. What is this, facist China?

Chill. Negative karma doesn’t mean anything.

@ Thread

P0wnz0r The Noob wrote:

How mature of you for downvoting my post just because I said I liked “Cupcakes”. What is this, facist China?

I didn’t know China changed their political views.

The only things in Friendship is Magic I really like are Rainbow Dash and Spike. I don’t really like anything else so I could say I’m not a brony. Besides, it looks much better than the older version. By the way, Access, fix that thong of yours, it’s getting loose.

To hate MLP is to hate KYM, as a good amount of it’s population enjoy Lauren Faust’s work- specifically FIM. I don’t consider myself a brony, but the show’s writing is decent and the characters are likable… I guess this means war, Bronies (and Schizojack) vs. The Pon3 Haterz.

Dane wrote:

It could probably fuck up a pony pretty bad.

But the Ponies could use the Elements of Harmony to-
Oh shit, I’m becoming a Brony…

MDFification wrote:

Wait… you weren’t already?
Then what was with your old avatar?

I liked Derpy Hooves, and wanted an Avatar change- so I chose DH.

Don’t hate MLP myself. Watched the pilot episodes and I think the show is quite a decent Flash animation with rather comfortable PG themes. Not too ridiculously sugary, it is a good break from 4chan profanity.

But, what I dislike is its exaggerated fanbase and memetic spread. Nice show, bro! But IMHO there are lots of incredible shows that do not have the attention they deserve.

If you want ponies annihilated, people can always give good ol’ uncle Dolan a call.


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