Annoying Facebook Girl

Annoying Facebook Girl

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Annoying Facebook Girl is an advice animal image macro series featuring a photo of a teenage girl rolling her eyes with her mouth agape, accompanied by a blue and white color wheel background. The overlaid text typically depicts vapid status updates, attention whoring and generally irritating Facebook activity.


The earliest known image macro (shown left) was posted in an archived 4chan thread titled “Facebook Whore Comics” on June 17th, 2010.[1] The original photo (shown right) was later posted to Reddit[14] on October 2nd, 2011 and received 511 upvotes, although its source or the subject’s identity remain unknown.

The stereotype of obnoxious Facebook users has been explored through precedent advice animal characters, most notably Social Networking Dolphin. The character of “Annoying Facebook Girl” also shares some similarities with Musically Oblivious 8th Grader.


On December 20th, 2011, a thread[10] was posted by Redditor boyann to the /r/funny subreddit titled “I’m currently talking to somebody on Facebook who is best friends with the cover girl for the ‘Annoying Facebook Girl’ meme. She couldn’t be more confused,” containing screenshots of a Facebook page with the original Annoying Facebook Girl photo as well as a conversation with someone described as her “best friend.”

The same day, The Daily Dot[11] published an article titled “Annoying Facebook Girl or innocent Internet victim?” in reference to Redditor boyann’s thread. Shortly after, Redditor average_fan replied[12] to the thread with a claim that the post was a hoax after investigating Megan’s Facebook profile, asserting that the photos were uploaded a week ago and that Jess’s account was created earlier that month. The screenshots were soon taken down and the post deemed a fake.

In February 2012, several users of the Eastern Illinois University Facebook Meme Page commented on an Annoying Facebook Girl image[22] stating that they knew the girl in the photograph. One of the users linked to photos of herself with the girl in the image macro but they have since been removed.


A compilation of derivatives were posted to BuzzFeed[2] on June 21st, 2010. An article was published on Urlesque[3] a week later, linking to the Memegenerator[18] page. The first Reddit thread[4] titled “Annoying Facebook Girl” was posted on August 16th, 2010. A Quickmeme[5] page was created in February of 2011, which has more than 32,000 submissions as of May 2012. Compilations were shared on Failbook[6] and Smosh[19] in March 2011. Four months later, Buzzfeed[20] compiled a series of Annoying Facebook Girl images to show her “maturing” through middle school to college.

A Facebook fan page[7] has 13,459 likes as of May 2012. There are two single-topic blogs[16][17] dedicated to the image macro on Tumblr. Derivatives can be found with the tag “annoying facebook girl” on Tumblr[8], Memebase[21] and Reddit[15], where there are over 1870 results. There is an Android application available in the Android Market.[9]

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Search queries for “annoying facebook girl” began in June 2010, corresponding with the post date of the archived 4chan thread. Queries had their first spike the following month, and appears to be on the rise again, hitting an all-time high in May 2012.

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