Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary

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Bloody Mary is a Popular Urban Legend that has been known to be one of the most Famous Urban Legends of all Time.The Legend has been a popular Theme for Movies,Storys,Videos and Has Inspired Many Fan Art and Reactions on Youtube and other Online Social Sites.


There are Many Theorys of the Origin.The Most Popular states that in 1666 a orphan Child in the town of Portsmouth,taunted the Town by saying “Gaze into the mirror and your fictional horrors will turn to truth”.The Town,Started a Angry Mob to hunt down the child,claiming that shes a Witch,The Mob came to her Camp in the woods only to find her dead,whit deep scratch wounds and her Eyes Ripped from her sockets.
Other Theorys suggest that Mary was a Mother who lost her child,the child was murdered by a unknown person
and was never found again.When Mary Died she would not stop at anything to find her.


Editors Note: Phycologist and the Entry Moderator Do not recommend trying to Summon Bloody Mary.Any Type of Ritual is not recommended due to Mental Sickness that follows,in some cases it can have life-threatening.

The Summoning Rituals are a test of Bravery and Courage.
There are many ways to summon the ghost.Most of them including a Mirror.One of the famous ones is coming up to a Mirror,alone,In 12:00 PM while holding a handle and Saying “Bloody Mary” 3 times.This will make the Entity Appear and attack the Summoner.Either Cutting their Head off,Peeling off there Face off,Scratching there Eyes out,in some cases she would not harm the Summoner but haunt them for life,In there nightmares.
Other Ways to summon her are to say “Bloody Mary i killed your Child.”,Or “I believe in Mary Worth.”.
Sometimes Bloody Mary will bring another deceased person whit her,a person close to the Summoner.
This can only be done when chanting her name 13 times.When Asked to Talk,Mary and the deceased Person will vanish,the chant only lasts to 11:08 am.
Another possibility of happening is that Mary will Appear in the Room,but if someone looks at her they will perish,If one looks into the Mirror they will see there future partner and children.

In the Media

Bloody Mary has been featured in many Horror or Sci-Fi Films,one of the Famous ones is Bloody Mary a Movie by Richard Valentine,made in 2006,which follows a group of psychiatric hospital nurses invoke the spirit of Bloody Mary.
Other Films
Urban Legends: Bloody Mary
The Legend of Bloody Mary, a 2008 horror film
Dead Mary (Bloody Mary in japan)
On Youtube it has been a Great theme for Horror Videos,in which the person (People) film the chanting.Others make Spoofs and Parodys taunting the spirit.On sites such as DeviantArt there are fan arts of the Spirit.

Video By bkangel310

In other Media,Bloody Mary has been a theme for Songs.
“Bloody Mary”, a song by The Alice Rose
“Bloody Mary”, a song by Lady Gaga
Bloody Mary has also been a type of cocktail containing vodka, tomato juice, and usually other spices or flavorings

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I remember this. Some bastard in first grade used to torture me with it.

It’s definitely an idea spread from person to person (ie, meme,) but is it an internet meme? I wouldn’t say that.


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