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Friendship Arsenal

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The Friendship Arsenal features a series of weapon-based image macros and animated gifs used within the fanbase of the popular TV Series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Multiple variations exist of this.

Origin: Orbital Friendship Cannon

Orbital Friendship Cannon, also known as the Sonic Rainboom Laser, is the first known “weapon” in the Friendship Arsenal. The image originated from episode 16 of the first season of the series, “Sonic Rainboom”. During the episode, the character Rainbow Dash can be found flying downwards to save others from certain death, creating the Sonic Rainboom in the process.

Due to the phenomenon’s appearance being similar in style to an orbital laser blast, as well as the main theme of the show being “friendship”, fans of the show created an image macro of it making it appear that the Sonic Rainboom is actually a laser shot from orbit. This is often combined with the phrase “Fire the Orbital Friendship Cannon”.

“Darken the Skies With Hate” is a phrase related to the Orbital Friendship Cannon, and is used as its exact opposite. The image contains a color-inverted image of the original version. This is traditionally used by either a more violent brony who thinks the atmosphere requires more conflict, or a troll who is trying to intentionally anger the surrounding bronies.


Following the creation and repeated use of “Orbital Laser” image macros on numerous websites such as 4chan and Ponychan, the Orbital Friendship Cannon has become a well-known in-joke within the brony community.


Sonic Rainnuke

The Sonic Rainnuke, also known under other names referring to bombs and nuclear warheads (Atomic Rainnuke, Atomic Rainboom or Friendship Nuke), is inspired from a scene during the season 2 episode “Lesson Zero”. In the episode the character Applejack wants Rainbow Dash to take down an old barn so that a new one can be built. Finishing the process of demolishing, Rainbow Dash strikes the ground at extreme speed, creating a nuclear mushroom-type cloud in similar colors to a rainbow.

Because of the similarities with the Orbital Friendship Cannon and being created by the same character, fans quickly linked the two and gave them similar usage. Resulting in similar phrases like “Fire the Sonic Rainnuke”.

Party Cannon

The Party Cannon first appeared in episode 9 of the second season, “Sweet and Elite”. The character Pinkie Pie shows her personal “Party Cannon”, a cannon that shoots confetti and other party props.

Due to the cannon’s unique ability of firing parties it quickly gained popularity within the fanbase, resulting in fanart and exploitables.

Search Interest

Search interest for Sonic Rainboom stars rising in February 2011, the same month in which the episode that showed the Sonic Rainboom Aired. Search Interest for Orbital Friendship Cannon starts rising around August 2011.

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