Lame Pun Coon

Lame Pun Coon

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Lame Pun Raccoon, also known as “Pun Coon” or “Bad Joke Raccoon”, is an image macro series centered around a happy looking raccoon that utters various puns for the sake of witticism. Largely seen as a deliberate attempt at extremely cheesy humor, Lame Pun Coon serves as a vehicle for impromptu punchlines involving various in-jokes and colloquial idioms.


The photograph of raccoon was originally taken by Sarah Hunt and uploaded via Flickr[1] in September 2007.

The macro series in its true form didn’t arrive until April 2010, when the Advice-Dog variation of “Lame Pun Raccoon” began to spread across popular hubsites like MemeGenerator[2], Quickmeme[3], Tumblr[4] and Reddit[5].


Throughout the summer of 2010, Lame Pun Coon jokes have been featured on internet humor blogs and forums like Memebase[6], FunnyJunk[7], Buzzfeed[8], Smosh[9] among others.

In August 2010, single topic blog Fuck Yeah Lame Pun Coon[10] was launched to feature and archive the growing collection of puns. As of April 2011, Lame Pun Coon series is ranked at “Fuck Yeah” tier on MemeGenerator, on par with Depression Dog and Technologically Impaired Duck in terms of search interest.

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