Red Leader Standing By

Red Leader Standing By

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Red Leader, Standing By is an online forum game that involves relay-posting images that are explicitly red, or more ambiguous items associated with the word “red”. These threads are popular on 4chan’s /b/ board.


The phrase “Red Leader Standing By” comes from a memorable scene in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope where the rebel alliance is launching their assault on the Death Star. Approaching the enemy trench zones, the Red Squadron leader performs a roll call over the radio:

Red Leader: “All wings check in.”
Red 3: “Red 3 standing by.”
Red 6: “Red 6 standing by.”
Luke Skywalker: “Red 5 standing by”
Red Buttons: “Red Buttons standing by.”
Redd Foxx: “Redd Foxx standing by.”
Big Red: “Big Red standing by.”

The earliest instance of “Red Leader Standing by” roll-call thread can be found in a Jedi Council Forums thread created in May 2001.[1] “Red Leader” style roll-calling has been extensively used in imageboards and discussion forums.


Due to the general popularity and international fandom surroundng the Star Wars franchise, “Red Leader Standing By” threads quickly spread across the forums as a staple pastime, including Facepunch[2], EU Playstation[3], NASIOC[4], PBNation[5], 4chan[6], Rock Band[7], Dungeon Fighter[8] amongst others.


Each round begins when the OP starts a new thread with an image of a Red Squadron pilot and a caption reading “Red Leader, Standing By”. Sometimes “All Wings Checked In” can be used interchangeably. It is necessary that at the end of each reply post, the submitted character, thing, place, object, etc. must be followed by an affirmative: “standing by”.

Notable Examples

[1]Jedi Council Forums – Red Leader standing by… / Posted on 5/26/2001

[2]Facepunch forums – Standing By

[3]EU Playstation forums – Standing By

[4]NASIOC forums – Standing By

[5]PB Nation forums – Standing By

[6]4chan archives – Standing By (NSFW)

[7]Rock Band forums – Standing By

[8]Dungeon Fighter forums – Standing By

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