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Flipnote Hatena

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Flipnote Hatena is an online service accesible via the DSiWare app, Flipnote Studio. It is very similar to the popular video sharing website YouTube in many ways, including how both sites provide visitors of the sites videos (or in Hatena’s case ‘Flipnotes’) created by users. There is also a Flipnote Hatena website where numerous actions that affect the service can be done. Despite being only an online service for the DSi, the site frequently uses various memes.


The service was released as a part of the DSiware application title Flipnote Studios, and it is now accesible from most menus of the application. The application was first released in Japan on December 24 2008 while it was later released on August 12-14 for North America, Europe and Australia. The service was closed down in May 31, 2013, but it has been announced that the Flipnotes on Flipnote Hatena would be transferred to the new service for Moving Notepad/Flipnote Studio 3D.

The System

This service has many mechanics, many that of which are similar to those of YouTube as well as other websites. These include:

  • Giving stars. This mechanic is very similar to those used by other sites, i.e: thumbs up, likes or karma.
  • Putting creators on a list of favourite animators, allowing the user to watch any new/old Flipnotes the creators made. Similar to channel subscribtions on YouTube.
  • Saving Flipnotes, allowing users to view these creations on Flipnote Studio without the need for an Internet connection at all.
  • Other mechanics are used in this service as well.

Involvement With Memes

Memes are often used as elements of many Flipnotes. Memes that are commonly used in Hatena include: Awesome Face, Weegee and Caramelldansen. There has even been a Flipnote Hatena fad primarily focused on the Awesome Face superimposed on the silhouette of the Breakdancing Bear dancing in the same way, but to the music used in the Caramelldansen meme. Another Flipnote Hatena fad uses the scene of a minigame from the game Rhythm Heaven, and another focuses on Flipnotes featuring the work of artist Davidope.

The Community

There are a few types of users that use this service. Many are frowned upon, although others are often applauded. These types include:

  • Full Time Creators: These users often create outstanding Flipnotes, which often reach the Popular Flipnotes list. These users hardly ever comment nor give stars.
  • Commentators: These users usually just watch others creations and then comment on them, as well as giving stars.
  • Star Beggars: These users are hated for their constant begging for stars. They use phrases which usually go along the lines of “Give me stars and X”. This is similar to most other acts on the internet, like posting NSFW photos on Facebook, just for likes.
  • Flipnote Stealers: These users are creators, however, unlike other creators, they make a copy or spin-offs of another’s Flipnote. Usually they don’t even give credit to the original creator at all, and edit the flipnote in question in the most subtle way possible, sometimes even using the Rubber tool on an already empty spot.
  • There are few other types of users on this service.

Controversies and Trolling

Stolen Flipnotes

In Flipnote Hatena, many Flipnotes are made originally by Nintendo as pre-set Flipnotes in Flipnote Studio. However, the spin-off functionality in this service makes it possible for users to download an unlocked Flipnote, change it just a little bit, and then repost it as their own. Changes made in stolen Flipnotes can range from turning it up to speed 8 and recoloring it to just putting a dot in at a random point. This practice is so frowned upon in Hatena that users will often see a spin-off and automatically assume that it is stolen, even if it is absolutely legitimate. However, enough people don’t check to see if a Flipnote is stolen or not or don’t understand, this means that stolen Flipnotes can become extremely popular.

Upcoming Title Hoax

Most Flipnotes will make up information about an upcoming video game/application title for the DSi. The creators of these Flipnotes do this in order to get popular. Many viewers end up getting their hopes up, thus these Flipnotes, as well as their creators, are frowned upon from the community.

False Reporting

In Flipnote Hatena, like many other websites, there is a button to report inappropriate content, as it is aimed towards children. However, many popular Flipnotes will be taken down due to being reported, even though there’s nothing wrong with it.


Flipnote Hatena had become more and more different than when it first started and by the looks of it, it would have ended up being a website focused on memes, and not originality. Howver there ARE good creators on the site such as iceflame, MdM and others. Bronies have recently spread to the website and have become part of the community, but sadly rage faces are being used by star beggars most of the time now and not for comic purposes, but besides that its the same old nintendo level software we’ve all used for either random fun or sharing serious art. Unfortunately, however, it has been closed down, but hopefully Flipnote Studio 3D is just as good.

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