Internet Paraphilia

Internet Paraphilia

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A paraphilia is experience intense sexual arousal to atypical objects, situations, or individuals. [3] For the purpose of this Entry, an internet paraphilia is any paraphilia (fetish) that originates from or is spread largely in part by the internet community. Because many fetishes are either dangerous or impossible to enact in real life, fantasies are satisfied via drawings, games, erotica, videos, and online role-play.


It’s not clear when the first of such fetishes start appearing in the internet, but by around 2005 or 2006, such fetishes and paraphilia has become a common sight in sites such as FurAffinity or deviantART. General pornography and fetish sites has existed since the dawn of internet, but specific fetishes might have appeared later.

The site Transfur, which was established since 1997 and might have promoted the spread of transformation fetish, but it’s likely that it was not popular before the mid 2000s, most likely before the emergence of major furry-oriented sites such as SoFurry, Inkbunny and FurAffinity.

4chan’s /d/ board has a lot of such paraphilia, but in a more pornographic and explicit nature.

Presumably, the root of Internet Paraphilia might have been other forms of more common fetishes/paraphilia (i.e. BDSM, S&M, latex, masochism, and to some extent even pedophilia, necrophilia, zoophilia, etc.) then developed by a certain group of people who has an extreme perverse to certain fetishes and found a sexual attraction to certain things stated above. For example, the vore or micro macro fetish has roots in masochism and submission, muscle fetish have roots in homosexuality while diapers/“messy” might have been coprophilia and pedophilia. Sometimes, Internet Paraphilia can also be found among social sites like Tumblr.

In extreme cases, some paraphilias are very explicit. Hardcore pornography, coprophilia, gore, any forms of torture/death are known to have its patrons. FurAffinity has some examples, but 4chan’s /hc/ and /d/ boards have better examples.


Like what “Origins” say, it’s difficult to determine how fast is the spread of the Internet Paraphilia and when was its peak of its spread. But a simple search in sites like deviantART and FurAffinity with generic topics like Pokemon or any anthro creatures will often yield such results. In 4chan, these fetishes are often ridiculed as mentioned in many Encyclopedia Dramatica articles since around 2007 or 2008.



The inflation paraphilia evokes the phenomenon of expansion in a subject through the use of gas, water, or other viscous fluids.

Generally inflation work appeals to the inflatophile crowd (a group of people that find interaction with inflatable objects pleasing, which may or may not be sexual) by showing the subject expanded with some type of gas, liquid or gel. A common part of inflation is popping, when the subject ruptures due to outside influence (such as a pin), and bursting, when the subject catastrophically fails due to being inflated to its limits. Often times at the end of popping or bursting, the creator will have the subject reform in some way.

Inflation is normally defined by two things, one of which being the part of the subject that is being inflated. Popular inflation areas include bust, belly, rear, and full body. Another way inflation is defined is by what the subject is being inflated with. Popular inflation means include pressurized air, helium, water, gel, and sentient goo. Inflation bears several similarities to other genres that invoke expansion, as a result, many creators of inflation works often make other works in similar genres. Common crosses with inflation include Fat (extreme weight gain, fat inflation), Hyper (normally the breasts or genatalia), and Macro.


Transformation (TF) is a fetish that involves a character, usually human, transforming into an animal or any other fantasy creatures which is usually not a human (bottom left). Perhaps the fetish with the highest proliferation, little is known about the origins of the TF fetish, but it can be traced back to the 1990s.

Then there are also inanimate TFs, involving a character turning into an inanimate objects (bottom right). Various OC characters turning into “pool toys”.

TF of any kind makes up a large amount of fetish arts in DeviantART and FurAffinity, making it one of the fetishes with the highest spread. Unlike in FA, most of the TF artists in DA do it only as a part of their interests. It is also noticeable that most TF artists in DA are below 20 years old.


Vorarephilia, often shortened to Vore, is the paraphilia of being eaten, eating other beings, or observing someone being eaten.

The fetish usually involves two parties, the predator (often shortened to pred) and the prey. The paraphilia is largely divided into either soft vore in which the victim is eaten whole or otherwise unharmed as it enters the pred and hard vore which usually involves ripping and tearing of flesh (gore). Fetishes in which someone is absorbed by or inserted into an orifice of another being are often named with a “Vore” suffix. Common vore subtypes include vaginal (unbirthing), cock (which includes scenarios where the prey is digested by or into semen), naval, anal, breast, tail, and slime absorption.

Vore is often paired with other types of fetishes. Macro and micro are often used to emphasise the pred/prey dilemma or to allow the prey to be consumed without distending the body parts of the pred. Due to the consumption of the prey, often times the pred is shown gaining weight from their meal or is shown to be rather fat due to their voracious nature.


Macro/Micro works depict a character as incredibly large or incredibly small in comparison to the character’s setting.

Macro works appeal to the macrophile crowd by showing off how large the subject is, which could be larger than an average man to a titan that dwarfs galaxies. Often times, the context for the size of the character is attributed to some type of growth device, ray, or pill, having the character be inflated to its size, or simply having the character be born at its size. It is often crossed with the inflation, vore, and fat paraphilia genres.

Micro works also depict the size of it’s subject, namely how small they are which could be from the size of a small child to the size of an ant. Context for the size of the character is similar to Macro: some type of shrinking device or drug or just have the character be made tiny. Micro is quite commonly used for vore, with the size of the character exaggerating the pred/prey dilemma and allowing more “creative” points of insertion.

Fat/Food Play/Weight Gain

Fat paraphilia works feature characters with a noticeable amount of fat on them. This can range from noticeably pudgy to excessively blobby. Fat works in this sense tend to focus on the features of the subject, like the size of their anatomy or how soft they are. These can also include characters playing with, snuggling, or appreciating one’s bulk.
A rather common type of fat work includes weight gain. These works usually show the subject gaining weight over time (usually as part of a series of pictures), or actively eating or inflating with weight.

Pregnancy/Male Pregnancy

Pregnancy and Male Pregnancy (often shortened to MPreg) works feature subjects in some kind of pregnant state. They also include works that deal with the ideas of conception, gestation, and birth.

These works can be considered sexual in the sense that they tend to showcase the closeness the subject has with the unborn young, or focus on the growth and change of the pregnant subject. But since pregnancy works can also deal with the idea of growth and expansion, they also mix with a few other genres such as fat, hyper, and unbirthing. If the subject is female, often times their features are over-exaggerated, unbirthing is sometimes used as a catalyst for the situation, and often times, the subject is show as impossibly overburdened with children.


The Tickle fetish is self-explanatory, but usually it’s involving feet. In DA, there’s a lot of such fetishes and it’s also related to foot fetish.


The Watersport fetish focuses on the expulsion of bodily fluids from or onto the subject.


Diaper or infantilism art normally depicts a character in diapers or baby clothes, but can pander to different audiences in the AB/DL community depending on the context.

Work appealing to the Adult Baby (AB) crowd focuses on general age regression, either physically or mentally. Normally, work in this genre has the subject role playing as a toddler, with the subject being treated as such or interacting with set pieces that pertain to the subject matter (such as diapers, cribs, rattles, baby clothes, etc.). Alternatively, the subject can also be playing the role of a “caregiver”, usually to other toddlers or AB characters. While the subject can be of any age (although most older subjects never seem to be over their early 40’s), most artists simply depict their character as a toddler. Overall, AB works are considered non-sexual, in the sense that there isn’t a sexual attraction to the set pieces or subject in question. Some common sub genres include: Mental regression, age regression, soiling (when done to regress the character), feeding, sissy (feminized and docile or submissive leaning regression), and ageplay (role playing done in the sexual sense).

Diaper Lover (DL) work tends to be closely associated with AB pieces but differs in some key areas. DL work differs from AB work in the sense that DL work focuses on the diaper as a sexual object, as opposed to AB work which uses diapers as a set piece for the regression of the character. In that sense, DL work has more similarities to underwear fetishes and some forms of crossdressing that focus on the objects themselves as sexual instead of using them as set pieces for some overarching scenario. Some common sub genres include: soiling (when crossed with slob work), and AB cross (AB work done with a DL focus).


Classified as a “hardcore” fetish, Gore is a fetish which involves extreme physical injury and graphic violence or even death (snuff). This fetish is quite rare and is restricted to a limited amount of patrons.


Crush is a fetish involving the crushing of people, animals, and inanimate objects, often via trampling or with other body parts. Although there are no known laws outlawing video depicting the crushing of live invertebrates and objects, fetish videos featuring live vertebrates have been illegal in the United States since 1999 and other countries have made similar bans [1]. The Hangzhou Kitten Killer is a particularly infamous example of the fetish.


Scat is a fetish directly derived from coprophilia, which is sexual attraction to fecal matter and/or the act of defecation. Either by being covered with it… or eating it. Categorized as a “hardcore” fetish due to its extremely ideologically sensitive nature. One of the most notorious examples of Scat is the viral shock video 2 Girls 1 Cup.

Fetish Websites and Roleplaying communities


F-List is a website in which members can register multiple characters to a Profile listing the fetishes of each for the purpose of role-play. Each character’s “Kinks” are divided into “Fave”, “Yes”, “Maybe”, and “No” categories that describe which fetishes the character likes and doesn’t like. [2]


e621 is a mature, furry image booru containing many pornographic images including extremely graphic paraphilias. The website has been closed down three times due to accusations of child pornography but has come back online each time. e621 has over sixty-thousand registered users.

Eka’s Portal

Eka’s Portal is a website dedicated to vore in which users can submit art and literature related to vore as well as browse forums and participate in role-play. The website was created in 2005 when the founders, Eka and Strega, decided to merge their respective sites, and

Giantess World

Giantess World is a website where users can write and share macro/micro stories centered around giant females, although there are some stories that feature giant males. Giantess World categorizes its stories based on the age and size of the characters and the different scenarios featured in the story (ex. crush). As of November 2014 the site has over 29,000 members and over 3,100 stories.

Notable Authors

Some notable figures of Internet Paraphilia are:


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