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Macrophilia / Microphilia

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Macrophila and Microphila (often shortened to Macro/Micro) are paraphilias involving an interest in people and/or creatures that are either of a much larger (macro) or smaller (micro) size than normal. The relative difference in height between characters in Macro/Micro can range from several inches to hundreds of miles in the most extreme cases. The fetish is most commonly associated with giantesses; giant women, though content featuring male giants also exists. Given the versatility of the macrophilia, there can be found a significant amount of overlap with other fetishes such as foot fetish, crush fetish, vore, voyeurism, and others, though not all size difference content is inherently sexual.


Characters of unnatural size have appeared repeatedly in fiction, such as the tiny Lilliputians and giant Brobdingnagians in the 18th century novel, Gulliver's Travels and the giantess from Attack of the 50 Foot Woman in 1958. The first website dedicated to macrophilia, Macrophile.com, was founded by "Bennie" in 1997. Macrophile writer "Rogue" is attributed for first coining the term "macrophilia".[1][2][3]

Online Presence


In 1997, Macrophile.com was founded which hosts macrophilia artwork and forums. Giantessworld is a website that hosts user created erotic fiction that predominately focuses on giantess (female giants). In March, 2004, Bigfurs.com was founded featuring an IRC chat room and a system for comparing the relative heights of characters within the IRC [4]. Giantessbooru is a danbooru style image board also dedicated to featuring giantess artwork and pictures, though male content is also featured. Searching "giantess" on DeviantArt as of April, 2016 produces over 167,000 results.



Togepi1125 is a macrophile who has gained notoriety in furry and macro communities for his prolific commissioning of sexual macrophilia art of Fox and Falco from Nintendo's Star Fox series of games. Togepi1125 has been attributed to being one of the main reasons behind the vast majority of giant Fox and Falco content on the internet. Togepi1125 themselves have claimed in a December 29, 2016 tweet that they spent "$1000 to $2000 on commissions every month, for 5 years", having spent an estimated $60,000 on commissions total up to that point.

Due to his influence, Togepi1125 has become the subject of jokes and memes in furry and macro communities.

Major Categories


Otherwise known as 'Growth and/or Shrinkage', Size-play is where the individual is able to alter their own size, willing or unwilling, by them physically growing or shrinking. The methods of this is widely varied, ranging from the being having it as a natural ability, to influence from technology, and even concoctions from fantasy or science fiction themed settings. The process of growth or shrinkage is varied as well, either being at a constant rate, incremental, activating after a certain event and how much/how fast/how long has variation to it.

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