Body Inflation

Body Inflation

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Body Inflation, also known as Body Expansion, is a genre of fan art featuring people who have been inflated in various parts of their body as if they were a balloon, typically focusing on breasts, buttocks, stomachs and the entire body (in situations where the method of full body inflation is done in the style of the film Willy Wonka, it is referred to as "blueberry inflation"). The genre is also associated with "weight gain" art, which involves a subject who has been fattened up through excessive feeding.


One of the earliest known possible inspirations for body inflation was a 1902 illustration from the Hawaiian Gazette newspaper humorously illustrates the Anti-Saloon League and the Women's Christian Temperance Union's campaign against the producers and sellers of beers in Hawaii.[10] Another one featured in a scene from the 1971 musical fantasy film Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory), in which a girl named Violet Beauregarde tries a failed experimental gum which causes her body to inflate full of blueberry juice (shown below). In video games, the 1993 fighting video game Mortal Kombat 2, the character Kitana has a Fatality called the Kiss of Death where she kisses the opponent, causing their body to inflate like a balloon and explode into pieces. Some fans have given this fatality the affectionate nickname "Inflatality." The online body inflation fetish community is rumored to have formed with an e-mail listed launched in 1994.[5]


Online Presence

Examples of the fan art can be found on various websites, including deviantART, FurAffinity, Tumblr, 4chan's /d/ board and 8chan. Searching for "inflation" on deviantART alone presently brings up over 100,000 results, with "expansion" increasing that amount to over 122,000. The Inflatechan imageboard was dedicated to inflation fetish artwork and photo manipulations, though said board was taken offline in December 2015 as a result of spambots posting illegal pictures[4], something the site had a rule against. Several subreddit related to types of inflation fan art have been launched. On April 29th, 2010, the /r/BreastExpansion[6] subreddit was created for images and video of inflating breasts. On August 6th, 2012, the /r/bodyinflation subreddit was launched. On January 18th, 2014, the /r/BellyExpansion[8] subreddit was created for "anything related to female belly expansion, belly inflation and weight gain." On February 1st, the /r/assexpansion[7] subreddit was launched for "art, morphs, gifs, videos and stories related to the expansion and inflation of the female buttocks."


  • Breast Expansion typically depicts extremely large women's breasts that appear to have been inflated as if they were balloons. The anime / manga series Manyuu Hikenchou (Manyu Scroll, or Magic Breast Secret Sword Scroll) written and illustrated by Hideki Yamada often featured in breast expansion scenes from main protagonist Chifusa.
  • Butt Expansion involves depictions of hyper-inflated buttocks. In 1992, American rapper Sir-Mix-A-Lot released the album Mack Daddy, which included the song, "Baby Got Back". Near the end of the music video for the track, a woman's buttocks can be seen expanding, which is often cited as an early example of butt expansion in popular media.
  • Belly Expansion art is often presented as if the subject has consumed a large quantity of food (also referred to as "stuffing"), drinking too much liquid or being inflated full of air like a balloon. Additionally, some belly expansion art is associated with "hyper pregnancy," in which the subject appears to be impregnated with a large amount of offspring.
  • Body Expansion fan art involves the inflation of an entire body, typically depicting the subject's torso inflating to encapsulate their legs, arms and head. Methods of body expansion are through air, liquid or magic.
  • Male Expansion involves depictions of large male genitalia that appear as if they have been inflated. Examples of dong expansion can be found on InflateChan on the /male/ board.
  • Weight Gain fan art depicts subjects gaining large amounts of body fat which often overlaps with transformation fetishism known as "Transformation Weight Gain" (TFWG), in which a subject gains weight as a result of being transformed into another being, whether fictional or not. The webcomic Craving Control was published by Drunk and became a #1 webcomic in 2007. The story mainly focus on weight gain and belly expansion[11]. The webcomic was later taken down due to personal reasons.


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