The Main Difference Between Europe and USA

The Main Difference Between Europe and USA

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The Main Difference Between Europe and the USA is an image macro series that depicts the stereotypical cultural differences between Europeans and Americans. The series later evolved to juxtapose cultural stereotypes from a variety of different countries.


In 2004, Norwegian humor website[1] shared a photo titled “The main difference between Europe and USA,” showing two seated women photographed from behind. Both women are shown wearing low-rise pants with thong underwear. The woman representing Europe is slender with good posture while the woman representing America is overweight and hunched over. In the bottom corner of each image, stereotypical food is presented, to show where the differences come from. Europe is represented by a basket full of wine while America is represented with a McDonald’s burger, fries and soft drink.


Between 2004 and 2005, this image was seen on many forums including[3], car enthusiast forum Roadfly[4] and Team Xbox.[5] An instance of The Main Difference Between Europe and USA[6] was created on YTMND in 2005, followed by another was created in 2007.[7] In May 2007, an exploitable template (below right) of the image made its way to 4chan[2] where users began making their own versions of the original photo. Additional templates were also created juxtaposing American against other countries including Japan (below left).

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The main difference between Europe, the USA, World, Asia, Japan, etc… is Geographical. Other than that you also need to consider economy, language, gene pool, culture, history (And none of us can be proud of all of our history), industry, technological advancements, scientific advancements (Although Europe does kind of have a lead in this), religion, law, efficiency of transport services… I suppose I could go on. This is a Meme. This is funny. If someone is using it to bash X then laugh at them knowing you’re doing better elsewhere. I’m UK. I’m Europe. I am also a bit of a Weeaboo, and I love the USA. So deal with it and laugh at how awful your country is at something! You’ll be better at something else.
+1 Confirm (You fat American, lazy Mexican, Pompous French, Ugly British, Sexually deviant German bastards).


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