YouTube Comment Memes

YouTube Comment Memes

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Youtube Comments

In 2005, the video sharing site Youtube was created. Just like any other video site, Youtube users have the option to express themselves via a comment. Several small memes have spawned from these comments.

Did he died?

Did he died? is one of the first memes to spawn from Youtube comments. The phrase is used in response to videos featuring a person getting injured in some way. It is also used to troll other users/


FIRST is one of the more popular memes to be used in the Youtube comments section. The word is used to designate that the user who commented the word on a video was the first person to comment on said video.

Bob (and other ASCII characters)

Bob (among other characters) are typed in Youtube comments stating that the character will “take over Youtube.”

X People Missed the Like Button

In January 2010, Youtube endured several layout changes, including the abandonment of the rating system and the inclusion of a Like and Dislike button. X People Missed the Like Button started as a response to the number of dislikes on a certain video.

Thumbs Up If…

Thumbs Up If…-____ was created as a way to get one’s message across even further by encouraging other users to thumb up their comment so it can be featured in the “Highest Rated Comments” section. Also, it is used to mark others’s inclusion in a certain group. For example, “Thumbs up if X sent you here.” or “Thumbs up if you were the Xth viewer.”

I Liked The Part When…

I Liked The Part When is normally used as a joke. For example, on a video where someone keeps saying “Oh no,” one would comment saying “I liked the part when he said, ‘Oh no.’”

X People Y

“X people Y” is a reference to the number dislikes a video has, and connects it to a memorable moment in the video. For example, say that you’re watching a video about fast cars, with 50 dislikes and 2000 likes, the top rated comment could be “50 people have slow cars”.


0:00 is a function in Youtube comments that starts a video again from the beginning. When a person types a certain time in the comments, these automatically become clickable. Clicking on it results in the video starting from that certain time. Most commonly found on music and comedy videos, users use this function to show others what they liked best about the video. 0:00 gives others the option to replay the video by starting it again from the beginning. This lead to comments where the letter “o” is changed to 0:00, creating comments like “M0:00AR!” or “One m0:00re time”.

Search Interest

Search interest starts in October 2008.

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Top Comments

Rac Eci
Rac Eci

“x” sent me here
“Great, now I have to find [insert person top commenter is replying to here]’s comment…”
“(in response to the above) View all comments, ctrl+f, type name”
“(On new year’s day and the week following) WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN MAN YOU HAVEN’T MADE VIDEOS SINCE LAST YEAR” (All caps because it usually is in all caps)
“Try to hold alt and like this comment”
“(in response to above) Try to hold alt and dislike his comment”
[insert typical arrow in the knee joke here]
[repeat funny line in video in all caps]
[state the obvious]
“find the word “gay”. dajkdhaskhdskafldladjustinbieberdksjdhkasdhhkadhksadk"
“Wow, 2,000 likes and only 300 views”
" [insert person who would dislike video here] made [insert number of dislikes here] accounts to dislike this video"
“no punctuation no grammar lots os speling erors nd typos run on sentences”
“fake and gay”
“7rd viewer/comment!”
“that like bar is the size of justin bieber’s penis”
“like/dislike bar is a light saber.”
That “I’m trying to become a horse and have nailed horseshoes to my feet” comment.
“500 likes and I will [insert unthinkable action here]”
“I used to be an adventurer, but then I took an arrow to the knee. Justin Bieber is gay. Thumbs up if you agree. Dislike/Like bar is a light saber. Now give me top comment!”

I spend a lot of time on Youtube when I’m bored… This is all off the top of my head.


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