Recorded with a Potato

Recorded with a Potato

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"Recorded With A Potato" is a phrase commonly found in YouTube comments criticizing the resolution of a video that appears heavily pixelated, blurry or otherwise corrupt. The phrase can be also used as a snowclone in which potato is replaced with another object that is ill-equipped for video recording, such as a toaster, calculator or microwave.


Though it is unclear exactly when or where the commenting fad began, one of the earliest mentions of the phrase appeared in the title of an instructional video about removing a PC’s limitations[1] uploaded to YouTube in April 2008.

It is likely that the title was retroactively edited to include the phrase after the fad took off, as a number of tags in the video’s description include popular video game and movie titles released in 2010. The earliest archived instance of the phrase appearing in YouTube comments was posted on a playthrough video[2] depicting a group of World of Warcraft players attempting to defeat the boss Illidan Stormrage.

You Tube SearchBrowse Upload Chunmeista▼ Sign Out KILL ILIDAN WITH DEATHTOUCHAA MitterNachtSGift 2 videos Subscribe Suggestions Badorc hacked lol by ididitsohard 607,944 views Featured Video 0:16 40000000 dmg in world of warcraft by snooper91 354,872 views Its FUNNY to be a GM by eddyhunterjo 2,563,310 views 3:24 lvl 10 kills lvl 70 by icykay08 109,241 views ga 1:04 The Prodigy VS llidan K爿 360p 48,207 views 3:10 Like +Add to ▼ Share Embed 328,134 Uploaded by MitterNachtSGift on Mar 14, 2008 DS lidan and 1 vs1 by skydead87 175,646 views 95 likes, 603 dislikes Show more 2:33 WoW 1 to 61 in 3 minutes using Recruit a Friend... by ilikehams 361,611 views Top Comments did you record this with a potato? xavluz 3 months ago 365 nice quality TheBez iii 3 months ago 111 8:01 llidan lvl 70 warrior imba 118,202 views 0:51


Episode 2 in the 5th series of the British comedy series "'Allo 'Allo!," aired on September 10th, 1988. This episode, entitled "The Camera in the Potato," featured a spy camera hidden in a potato.[16]


By September 2011, the phrase began to appear outside of YouTube in response to a video of Mortal Kombat 9 mods on the Test Your Might forums.[3] The next month, "Recorded with a potato" was referenced as a precursor to the phrase "recorded with a toaster"[4] in its Urban Dictionary definition.

1. recorded with a toasterf+ 32 up, 9 down A funny quote found on youtube on some very low quality videos. Destinated to be hated in a few years since now everyone is spoiling it on every f------ video as 90% of people in the world have no creativity *Clicks on dat face soldier video* Top comment #1 : recorded with a potato Top comment #2: recorded with a toaster buy recorded with a toaster mugs & shirts by XxLorDxX xX Oct 23, 2011 add a video

In November and December 2011, the phrase was used in comments on the Break[5], Yahoo! Answers[6] and gossip blog Oh No They Didn’t.[7] Throughout 2012, the phrase continued to be used on video game-related message boards and forums including Dragon Nest[8], Call of Duty[9], Day Z[10] and Minecraft[11] as well as on GameFAQs.[12] In May 2012, a Facebook fan page titled "Recording With a High Quality Potato"[14] was created, but it has not been updated since its creation date. On August 16th, an entry for “recorded with a potato” was submitted to Urban Dictionary.[13] As of September 2013, there are more than 10,000 search results on YouTube for “recorded with a potato.”[15]

Notable Examples

RECORDED WITHIGLLADOS Top Comments I'm curious what kind of potato was used to record this video pitykid 2days ago 135G Reply ▼ It was actually a really bad camera:) slickgamer in reply to pitykid 20 hours ago Well, I thought that guy was being sarcastic, but you're right. He clearly thought this was recorded with a potato. Because, you know, he was being serious and clearly needed you to explain that a vegetable cannot be used to capture footage. xJoeEDangerouslyx in reply to slickgamer 19 hours ago 41 Is That Peter Griffin broly2210 11 hours ago 17 All Comments (6,328) see all 18-55mm 1 LENS EF-S HD MENU 1.080POTATO ↑↓ Submit a caption t lordpinetree 581 points : 4 months ago 556 points 466,154 views save best What kind of potato did you use to take the photo?

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