I Like The Part Where...

I Like The Part Where...

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"I Like The Part Where…" (also "I Like the Part When") is a snowclone expression used in YouTube comments to make an obvious statement about the video, for instance, “I like the part where he played Call of Duty” on a Call of Duty Let's Play video.


One of the earliest uses of this type of facetious commentary appeared in the March 11th, 1993 episode of The Simpsons titled “Last Exit to Springfield.”[1] In the episode, Bart utters “the best part was when the buildings fell down” (shown below) while watching a television segment titled “When Buildings Collapse.”

These types of comments became popular on multiple 4chan boards in early 2008, specifically on /a/ (Anime and Manga). One of the first instances was posted on February 8th, 2008[4] in a discussion about Masako Nozawa, the voice actress who played Son Goku in the original Japanese Dragon Ball series.

Anonymous Fri Feb 08 2008 12:48:24 No.9419158 View Reply Original Report Quoted By: >>9419271 >>9419422 >>9419454 This woman was the voice of Goku. She is not exactly what I pictured 野沢雅子 298 kB, 472x353, goku.png Google iqdb SauceNAO Anonymous of Jacksonville Fri Feb 08 2008 20:57:13 No.9419240 Report Quoted By: >9419281 >>9419564 She f------ badass /a/ Anon !kIg31Ilr3g Fri Feb 08 2008 21:24:22 No.9419564 View Report >>9419240 I like the part where she berates today's voice actors for not having any acting experience. VOICE ACTING ISNT JUST TALKING, ITS ACTING, TOO.


On May 1st, 2009 a similar comment was posted on the blog Business Pundit.[2] After the blogger posted a photo of a broken retail sign that said "0% Off Select Items Today," the first commenter known as Steve replied with "I liked the part where a number fell off and it looked like the sign said '0% off'." The other commenters either applauded Steve's humor or called him out for trolling.

When You See This, Retail has Recovered %OFF TODAY SELECT ITEMS Comments Comment by Steve on May 1st, 2009 at 2:04 pm I liked the part where a number fell off and it looked like the sign said “0% off".

By July 2010, there were more than 29,000 results for "I like the part where…" on YouTube, with another 17,000 for "I like the part when…". At the same time, these comments were occurring multiple times per hour (shown below). In December 2010, the first definition for "I Like The Part…" was added to Urban Dictionary[3], covering both "where" and "when" instances appearing in YouTube comments.

In April 2011, a thread titled Predictable YouTube Comments was posted on the Steam forum[8], in which many people complained about the comments used to state the obvious. By 2012, these types of comments began to appear on news sites including Kotaku.[9] As of October 2013, the phrase has since been used hundreds of times on 4chan[5] and Reddit[7] and millions of times on YouTube[6] in comments, titles and descriptions.

Notable Examples

Praying Mantis vs. Cockroaclh Ed Deeb 43 videos 129,152 Subscribe 454 86 16 Like About Share Add to Uploaded on Jun 19, 2009 A praying mantis eating a cockroach. This video has been shot by Ahmad Eddeeb in Alexandria - Egypt using a Canon Powershot A610. Source videos Loading... View attributions or mantises is an order of insects which contains approximately 2,200 species in 9 families worldwide in temperate and tropical habitats. Most of the species are in the family Show more Top Comments Tanner Kessel 1 year ago raying mantis was eating the cockroach. Reply 11 Jock Jams I Like to Move it tol3671 24 videos 18,428 451 Subscribe 75 Like About Share Add to Uploaded on Nov 7, 2008 Jock Jams - I Like to Move it Top Comments 1涕 definitionofabnormal 1year ago i like the part where he says "i like to move it move it" Reply 5 FI dapwell 36 videos 255,899 20937 Subscribe 2,214 Like About Share Add to 111 ~ Uploaded on Jun 20, 2009 The greatest moment in cinema history tweaked for MAXIMUM IMPACT Show more Top Comments russinabox 2 years ago I like the part where he doesn't want his life Reply . 138
11 4) 0:44 / 4:53 240pE 69,446,938 Like 9 + Add to Share- Uploaded by TayZonday on Apr 22, 2007 ON FACEBOOK! http://www.tayface.com FREE MP3! Right-click and SAVE 340,456 likes, 75,084 dislikes As Seen On: Tosh.0 Blog Show more Top Comments Cleveland from family guy? Sackboy! 313 2 hours ago 22 나 I like the part when he says" Chocolate Rain TheWizardWeiss 2 hours ago 11 Mr Toast Cloud Gazing (High Quality, HD) Benny Neugebauer 55 videos 768,410 3,673520 Subscribe 245 Like About Share Add to Uploaded on May 21, 2009 Mr Toast in super high quality with funny music. Thanks to the owner of Mr Toast! Show more Top Comments mrjoemama501 1 year ago i like the part when he looks at the clouds Reply 124 serenitytyaena 2 years ago i like the part where he looks at clouds Reply . 17 . 0:03 / 0:07 Like +Add to ▼ Share- 4,194,937 Uploaded by Ukiewookie on Oct 15, 2007 10,385 likes, 226 dislikes Whatcha talkin bout Willis,' tagline taken from Different Strokes by Garry Coleman AKA Arnold. > As Seen On: All Salon Show more Top Comments i liked the part where the young African American boy asked the other to elaborate about what he was trying to communicate rbskills 2 weeks ago 185 What WAS Willis talking about? Kobobble 4 weeks ago 34

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