I Am Offensive and I Find This...

I Am Offensive and I Find This...

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Brandon Thurman 1 year ago i am offensive and i find this a sock puppet Reply 2 Thekoolorange10 1 year ago I am a sock puppet and i find this offensive Reply


"I Am Offensive and I Find This…" is a snowclone expression typically used on Internet humor sites in response to a video or image post that may be deemed offensive to a particular group of audience. The phrase can be seen as a parody of those who are easily offended by racy humor and prone to let it be known in the comments.


Though it is unclear what YouTube comment using this syntax was posted first, it was used as early as November 18th, 2011 on the Naruto Forums[1] in a thread discussing whether or not the character Kubo believed people with naturally red hair had souls. At one point, a now-banned poster named Whirlpool replied to the thread first stating they he or she was ginger and was offended by the commentary before using the inverted syntax to make a joke.

口11-18-2011, 12:32 PM Whilpee Banned Hokage I'm ginger and i find this offensive Join Date: Nov 2011 Location: Ireland Posts: 10,618 Wait. mean, iam offensive and i find this ginger I still got it


That December, a Facebook fan page for the phrase "I am offensive and find this black."[2] launched, gaining 76 fans as of October 2013. Later that month, "I am offensive and I find this black" was used in the comments of a deviantART[3] on a sexual comic depicting an original character based on another deviantART user undergoing a race transformation from caucasian to African American. In January 2012, the phrase had appeared on Tumblr for the first time on the Ask Blog askgamerponies[4], where "I am offensive and I find this Jewish" was used in response to an anti-Semitic comment (shown below).

askgamerponies gonzaymarc asked you block answerX Why don't you sell yours jews and buy a newcomputer? I am offensive and I find this Jewish. -PD Responsibility"P #pc gaming #making fun of you #pinkie pie #comic は ツ 75 notes

By April 2012, the phrase began to be used as the title of posts on humor site 9gag[5] as a preemptively strike on posts that could potentially be seen as offensive by a certain group. In December 2012, "I am offensive and I find this a man" was used as a nonsense title for a thread on the Resident Evil forums.[6] The same month, the phrase "I am offensive and I find this grumpy" appeared as a title for an image of Grumpy Cat responding to a holiday ball ornament with the words "Happy Whatever Doesn't Offend You" (shown below) on MemeCenter.[7] In the first half of 2013, two additional Facebook fan pages[8][9] for variations on the phrase were created.

Notable Examples

In comments, the expression is constructed by inverting the placement of the word "offensive" and whatever group the complainant may belong to. Sometimes, "offensive" may be substituted with a positive adjective ("hilarious") in defense of the content in question.

I'm racist and i find this black Reply .- 52 Like Follow Post I'm carnivore and I find this vegetable Reply . 2 . Like I'm illiterate and i find this readable Reply Like I'm atheist and I find this God. Reply Like Patrick Star- Just like a genie kingfoorthwal 1 video 61,250 Subscribe 16 ub 195-5 Like Storify About Share Add to Source videos Loading... Uploaded on Jan 6, 2011 Just like a genie! HAHAHA For eveyone asking, this is the Christmas episode Show more Uploader Comments (kingfoorthwal) DrakeTheSnakeBrozik 1 year ago I am a genie and i find this offensive Reply . 491. kingfoorthwal 1 year ago I am offensive and find this a genie Reply . 85 in reply to DrakeTheSnakeBrozik 9/11 Benny Hill Style laatirf1973 1 video 289,416 2,5131,261 Subscribe 25 Storify About Share Add toll Like Uploaded on Aug 17, 2007 Song is Yakety Sax Show more Top Comments i7tb767r56fh76f 3 weeks ago I'm offensive and I find this american Reply . 15lé
Pedo Bear on the Hunt Vash3k9 18 videos 339,682 Subscribe 45 1,350 74 Like Storify About Share Add toll Uploaded on Sep 11, 2008 Pedo Bear hunts after his prey Show more Top Comments DrakelsSo1337 1 year ago Im a bear and I find this offensive SI Reply . 77ié ONN's Autistic Reporter ll Flint Ironstag 10 videos 71,993 Subscribe 27 ub 333 13 Like 111 Storify AboutShare Add to Uploaded on Feb 27, 2011 At the scene of a train accident Show more Top Comments danbeb 1 year ago I am offensive and I find this autistic Reply . 68 How To Pronounce Hermès PronunciationManual 261 videos 332,135 Subscribe 217,570 ub 491 64 Like Storify About Share Add toll Uploaded on Apr 14, 2011 This video shows you how to pronounce Hermès Show more Top Comments on Obikwelu 1 year ago I am Offensive and i find this Futrama Reply . 108

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