Missed the Like Button

Missed the Like Button

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holymonk134 2 weeks ago 28由 lol i guess 615 people missed the like button


X People Missed the Like Button is a type of comment usually found on YouTube, in which the "x" represents the number of dislikes the video has accumulated at the time of the commenter's viewing. The phrase can also be modified to take on a biased tone as to criticize the viewers who chose to dislike the video.


The comments regarding the like-to-dislike ratio of YouTube videos began to emerge sometime in January 2010, following the opt-in launch of YouTube's new layout[5] which replaced its old five-star rating system with a binary upvoting / downvoting option. The decision came a few months after YouTube's official report[8] published in September 2009, which found that most videos were given one or five stars based on its old rating system.

Before After ube Charlie bit my inger again NG

This new layout rolled out to all users at the end of March 2010, resulting in many users complaining about the new system on the official YouTube help forum[7] and the Escapist forums.[6] While the earliest instance of these comments is hard to ascertain, the first question about this type of comment was submitted to Yahoo! Answers[10] on June 28th, 2010, which asked about the origin of the trend.


Threads discussing “missed the like button” comments have been posted on the Escapist forums[4], gaming community MafiaScum[12], 4chan’s /r9k/ (ROBOT9000) board[15] and gaming forum GiantBomb.[17] Most of these threads discussed the comments as a source of annoyance, with some posters even identifying it as one of the worst aspects of YouTube in user experience.

1 6 September 2010 1206 pm wrecker77 Gone Gonzo INCOMING RANT You missed the like button.. Posts: 1890 Joined: 31 May 2008 Everyone on youtube thinks they are clever and are invading old video's just to post that stupid freaking joke, and they always think they are original! I would link a video with an example of this, but I don't have to, click literally ANY video and the most popular comment is Insert number here Insert adjective Missed the like button THEIR!I just have you your own goddamn mad lib, and you no longer need to put any thought into your comments ever again! Every time l see one, I RAGE!

In July 2010, the comments were defined on Urban Dictionary[16] as the "miss 'like' phenomenon" and the following month saw the launch of Facebook fan page "'N people missed the like button.' Yeah, I’m sure that’s it."[13] but only managed to receive 12 likes as of July 2012. In October 2010, Urlesque[1] highlighted the derivatives of these types of comments, using the example of “people shall not pass” comment on a You Shall Not Pass video (shown below, right) and “Irishmen were too [drunk] and missed the like button” on a video for the Irish punk band Flogging Molly (shown below, right).

YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!! Techno Remix Share More info ) 0:00 / 1:32 YXXPrimeXx 1 month ago 51由 84 People Shall not Pass! d»雫 flogging molly whats left of the flag Share More info GING 4) 0:00 / 3:40 Tube 15 douchebags missed the like button ourevan 2months ago 130由 cammc95 1 month ago 62由 15 Irishmen were too s aced and missed the like button

Throughout 2010, “missed the like button” comments (shown below, left) were posted in the interval of several minutes and its variants like “people who disliked this are” (shown below, right) were registered every hour.

Sort by Rating I Sort by Time (for "missed the like button") ady Gaga ft. Lil Wayne, Ludacris-Just Dance (Mashup) 21 people missed the like button lol D this is awesome posted 2 minutes ago by Modest Mouse-Whenever You Breathe Out. I Breathe In (Positive/Negative) 1 Person missed the Like Button posted 5 minutes ago by Love The Way You Lie (Tyler Ward Acoustic Cover)-Eminem (R Rihanna) . Music Video lol 94 people missed the Like button posted 10 minutes ago by Coldcut True Skool 41 people missed the like button posted 11 minutes ago by Fireflies-Owl City (Piano Cover) by aldy32 8 People missed the like button posted 12 minutes ago by The older I get: Naruto and Hinata o O looks like yet another retard missed the button posted 17 minutes ago b My Balls Are Stuck-Prank Call-Xbox Live-08-15-09 wow 8 people missed the like button posted 17 minutes ago by Sort by Rating | Sort by Time (for" people who disliked this are") Dont' Text & Drive Commercial-GRAPHIC The 22 people who "disliked" this are the evil scum this commercial is targeted at. Let's hope you only kill yourselves when you crash you mothe posted 1 hour ago by Bruno Mars-Just The Way You Are [Official Video] lol the 189 people who disliked this are guys who are just jealous that they are nowhere near as romantic as the guy in the song is posted 1 hour ago by 4:02 Baby Otters Sea World Orlando 2009 @yummy229100 actually the 17 people who disliked this are child molesting pieces ofthat should have experiments conducted on them instead of lab animals posted 1 hour ago by 1:03 Maroon 5-Misery (Julia Sheer. Eppic and Tyler Ward)-Acoustic Cover-Download on iTunes I love this video. I dont know why you to just dont datel! the 75 people who disliked this are losers and have no taste in music or they just wanted.. posted 2 hours ago by 2:49 Beethoven Symphony No.9写 The 273 people who disliked this are Justin Bieber fans...... 6:57 Chamillionaire-Ridin' Dirty With Lyrics the 156 people who disliked this are in jail posted 2 hours ago by Kellie Pickler-Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You 1由the 31 people who disliked this are stupid! they wouldnt know good music if it bit them on the ass! posted 2 hours ago by

As of July 2012, there are more than 1.2 million results for “missed the like button” on YouTube[11] in comments as well as in video titles and descriptions, although it does not account for the instances of derivative phrases. Additionally, there have been 124 questions asked about “missed the like button” comments on Yahoo! Answers.[14]

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